Welcome to JustMegawatt.com!

News and Updates

Journal Entries Updated


The journal entry pages now have a new look and feel, and also there are two new pages: extended backlog and completed backlog to track all the things I'm working on at the moment.

Also there was a minor outage on this site, I don't know how long it lasted for, but the site was down for a while, maybe a few days. I'm not sure.

New Contact Page Added!


New contact page added, you can now click on the "Contact" button on the right side to contact me.

Font Changed Temporarily, "All Journals" page now fits in current site


As the title suggests, the font has been changed temporarily from the cursive font into this standard Times New Roman font. Now the writing looks a lot easier to read, but at the cost of text looking less fancy than before. I'm not sure yet what to do with this, but for now at least the site looks slightly cleaner.

In other news, the "All Journals" archive page has been moved to the current theme of the site. Back then it was using its own independent theme, well now it looks like it fits in with the rest of the site.

Art and Videos Section Completed


The Art and Videos section of the portfolio page has finally been completed. WIth that, I think this website is basically done. I think it looks nice, I think it looks clean. There we go.

Website Responsiveness Completed!


Website responsiveness has been completed for the website! Now you can view any page on any browser on any device and it should work properly.

There's also been some other minor updates such as an update to the Footer and the "Coming Soon" sidebar of the site has been removed.

Portfolio Page Mostly Done!


The portfolio page is mostly done today. The only two missing sections now are for Art and Videos, which I need to really look through some very old files in order to find. The responsiveness has also been completed on that page only, and the responsiveness works nowhere else on the website.

Portfolio Page Uploaded!


You can finally visit the Portfolio Section of the Website! Keep in mind that there's literally NO projects or anything in there just yet, all that is coming soon. I really have to look around and gather a bunch of my projects and things I've worked on in order to upload them there. It's going to take a while but I hope to have at least the Website portion of the site done by tomorrow, and we'll see about the rest.

There is so much construction going on on this website! Keep in mind this was built from scratch using no templates or frameworks or copying any existing designs. Hope you enjoy your stay even if a lot of links are currently broken and the layout isn't perfect yet!

Journals Page Updated


The Journal Page of the website has been updated to now include individual journal entries put into their own page.

Site Uploaded Online but is still Under Construction! Many things do not work yet!


The main purpose of this website is to be the home of my journal and portfolio. Uploaded here will be my daily journal entries as well as the works and projects I've worked on.

This site is currently under construction. The layout and look of the site is not yet finalized and this may not be the final look of the site.

Under Construction!