Megg Gawat's Portfolio

Hello and Welcome to Megg Gawat's portfolio! This page is just basically the projects and things I've created over the years. It doesn't matter how good it is or how bad it is, I'll just put them on this page as I remember them.


Here are some website projects I've worked on in the past.

Weather Checker (in progress) -

Weather checking website, you enter the city you want to get the forecast for, and the website will display the results.

Gridbiz -

A one-page business website made with CSS Grid and Sass

Bizlight -

A complete business website made with Bootstrap, Sass, and Bower.

Bootstrap 4 App Landing Page -

A mobile app landing page made with the latest version of Bootstrap and JQuery.

MegawattApps -

Website for the mobile applications company that I started back then

DogeCoins.info -

A dogecoin forum I started back in the day literally around a week after Dogecoin came out. The forum wasn't that popular, but it wasn't that unpopular either. There were around 100 or so registered users if I recall correctly and a few hundred threads and posts.

AlphaGrip -

I did not make this website but worked on making some of its pages like the one in the screenshot.

OpenAwesome -

I used everything I knew to make this website. This website was so nice and clean. It was perfection. I'm hoping to turn JustMegawatt.com into something beautiful like this.

Alpha Phi Omega Website -

Pretty much made everything on this website. This was from my college days, I'm glad and surprised it still looks practically the same as back then.

JustMegawatt (2009) -

This website but back then, I used a theme here so I never took credit for 'making' it. At its peak this website would get over 100k visits per day.

CoolMeggVids -

A website I dedicated to my video making hobby, I was in 7th grade and had a few hundred thousand views.

CoolMegg.tk -

One of the first websites that I made that I still remember and have access to. I was in third grade. Looking at this website almost brings me tears. This was such a long time ago. Time goes by too fast. I'm so glad this was archived though because, how?! How was this random website in 2003 made by some kid, archived?! That's so cool.

Mobile Apps

Epic Space Battles -

I got my first full time job the first day of December 2014, this was the last mobile app I worked on.

Rainbow Cat in Space -

Arcade game where you play as a cat and fly through asteroids in space.

Guess Master Ultimate Guessing Game -

Guessing game where you try and count the number of objects on the screen.

Bitcoin to the Moon -

The most effort I have ever put into a video game and it has barely any downloads or plays. This has an in-game story and also an in-game store and achievements, yet no one cared!

Fruity Shooter -

Puzzle game where you shoot fruits at each other and try to match them in order to clear the screen.

Bitcoin Clicker -

Most popular game I ever made. Just a fun clicker game.

Flappy Shark Attack -

Game where you play as a shark and fight these birds.

Fastest Math Quiz -

Math quiz game where you have to pick the right answer to a math problem in 1 second or else you lose.

Inspirational Success Quotes -

Motivational app that has a lot of life changing quotes.

Beauty Makeup Mirror -

A mirror application that turns your front facing camera into a mirror.

To Do Tasks List -

One of the first apps I ever made, literally a To Do list app.


Minesweeper -

Minesweeper game written in JavaScript.

Tic Tac Toe -

Very fun two player Tic Tac Toe game.

Calculator -

Simple Calculator program, you can press the buttons on the calculator then hit enter and it will calculate your answer.

To Do List -

Simple To Do List application, click on a task to swap it from one list to the other, enter text in textbox to add new to do.

City Database -

A city database Single Page Application where you can add cities and record information about cities. It can perform CRUD operations on the cities as well as reveal more detailed information about each individual city.

Live Code Web Editor -

A one-page application that allows you to write HTMl/CSS/JavaScript straight from your browser and run it there too

Registration Form -

A simple registration form written in JavaScript with some JQuery

Spider Reaction Game -

A simple game that times your reaction speed depending on how fast you can click on the spider that appears

JavaScript RPG -

(Incomplete) A simple JavaScript game where you fight a monster


JustMegawatt Contact Form -

Contact form used for this website, made from scratch, client-side validated with JavaScript and sever-side validated with PHP and ReCaptcha.


Java RPG Game -

(Incomplete) Simple top down RPG game written in Java. It works pretty well, you move with WASD and shoot with arrow keys. There are monsters and collision, but nothing else.

Java Pong -

Literally just a pong game written in Java.


Journal Entry to HTML Converter -

Based on the last two programs, this one takes a journal entry I've written inside a word document and converts it to a format compatible with this website.

Word to HTML Converter -

Takes any Word Document and converts it to HTML. I wrote this mainly so I could convert my word documents into journal entries on the website.

Word Document Reader -

Program that allows you to read and open word documents inside of Python.

Website Parser -

Parsing program I wrote for a friend.

Canvy -

Automation program I wrote for my employer on the side in my spare time to help improve workflow. I guess I also made my own scripting language here because you had to write a script and then load it, and it would run that script. This wasn't an assignment or anything.

Toolkit -

Toolkit program I wrote that would access my former employer's API and allow you to shortcut through tasks.


Note: For the images I made prior to 2017, those awesome looking character drawings and artwork were not my own. They were taken from a "Render" website, and I didn't make the brushes either. I just blended the elements together into a nice looking wallpaper. I don't know why I started doing this, it was just something I did as a kid in high school.

Purple Magic -

The last wallpaper I made in this style. It looks like a dark caster surrounded by the sinister aura of his own spells.

Prepare Yourself -

After not making any new images for a few months (I wonder what happened?) I thought to get back into it with this. Looking at my result, I was no longer happy with what I was creating, and my interest and creativity here faded.

Break on Through -

I wasn't sure what to call this initially, but after listening to the song "Break on Through" by the Doors, I decided to call it Break on Through (this was my reasoning back in 2009, not my modern reasoning today).

Light the Way -

This shows a beast warrior surrounded by darkness and shadows extending his flame sword in order to illuminate his path.

Eagle Warrior -

Apparently I made two images on this one date. This one shows an Eagle Warrior brandishing his sword to the sky.

Information Overload -

I made this image one day after my birthday. I turned uhh... 16 years old the day before. I don't know what I was thinking at the time, maybe missing being 15 years old.

Phantom Assassin -

I think this was one of the best background wallpapers I ever made. Just the random brushes and elements I put in connected so well together, they just randomly fit. I thought it was so amazing at the time.

Bloody Knuckles -

I thought the pun for the name was funny but otherwise I didn't like this image that much. It's still pretty cool looking back at it in hindsight now.

Time Warrior -

One of my favorite images, I had this as my background wallpaper for a while. It features this "Time Warrior" striking through the dimensional atmosphere creating a rift that separated time and its individual elements. It was so cool.

Good Night -

One of the first background images I made (there were some before this, but those are gone, I think. I have never been able to find them even while looking for them in 2009). You know, I was never happy with any of my works? Knowing how they were made, I thought they all looked amateurish and stupid. Not knowing how they were made 9 years later, I'm really impressed.


I've made possibly hundreds of videos throughout the years. I'm only going to be putting in the ones I consider significant or very nostalgic.

Best in Bike Race Rank #1 -

I became the best out of all my friends and people I played with in this game called Bike Race back in 2012. I made this video to show what it was like going from 0 wins to having more than 2000+ wins. Of course this old today, there was no "World Ranking" back then.

Ijji Gunz Hacks -

I made this video showing hacks and tricks in this game called Gunz. It went viral quickly and got over 130k views on the first day, then the video was taken down. The description shows more history of it.

100 Years of History in 2 Minutes -

This one was awesome. I remember being sad or nostalgic in 11th grade in 2011, and made this video showing the history of the past 100 years. Apparently as a comment poster mentioned, it was shown to their entire school.

Amazing People [Compilation] -

The most viewed video I ever made (as of April 14th 2018 has over 736k views). I was in 9th grade, and this was one of the first compilation videos ever made, and I would like to think, inspired many others to create compilation videos.

Controlling Gaara -

The first AMV I ever made. I would make these for fun and in my spare time later on. Again I didn't follow any tutorials or anything, and just experimented with video editors to make this.

Mirandas Private Server Remix -

A "remix" of the original video, which I honestly felt like was made months after the original... It turns out it was just another 8 days. This was made with what at the time, was the best of the best features I could put in the video, and I used all the new techniques and things I learned... in 8 days...

Mirandas Private Server -

My first viral video. This one got over 100k views in less than a month. I think it got 30k views in the first day or so. I just turned 13 when I made this, like just a bit under two months into being 13. Back then ONE DAY felt like an eternity. This one looks like it was made just 8 days after my "Last Warcraft Resort" video, but at the time it felt like MONTHS had passed between those two videos. Ah, the good old days.

Last Warcraft Resort -

One of the first videos I ever made. I had no idea what I was doing and didn't follow any tutorials or anything else on how to record or make videos, I just did whatever.