Extended Backlog

I used to keep a backlog of all the tasks I needed to do inside of each of my daily journal entries. However, as the backlog filled up with activities, it became harder to keep track of everything. That's why the backlog is now its own separate page in order to keep all the activities organized into their own working categories.

Fix or Remove Archive Link
Fix or Remove About Link
Create Time Logging Web App
Create Long Term Plan for my Life (extended backlog schedule) (Plan for Week / Month / Year)
Come up with New Theme for Website
Add Comment Section to Journal Entries
Add Social Media Buttons to Journal Entries
Charge for Certain Sections of Site
Move sidebar links to be above content in smaller resolutions
Add journal links sidebar to journal entry pages

MegawattApps YouTube
Clean up YouTube channel
"How to make HTML Buttons do something with JavaScript" video
"How to make a Contact Form" video

OfficialJustMegawatt YouTube
Quick "Life and Death" of Albert Einstein video
"Aging" video

Notes Uploader
Automate Journal Converting
Automate Journal Uploading
Instagram Photo Downloader
Tic Tac Toe Programming Problem
Update HTML to Journal converter to link to Extended Backlog
Word to HTML Converter to find and convert bullet points

Buy cell phone for landline number
Buy door latch for bathroom
Buy system recovery software for tablet

Web Development Course
Unity Game Development Course
Software Engineering Course
Networking and Communications Course

Upload Java Code to Github