Friday, June 29th 2018

Early Morning

I had no dreams last night that I remember.

Throughout the Day

Treadmills and Gyms

I've been contemplating the purpose of both treadmills and gyms lately. Here's the thought: people pay a monthly subscription fee to have access to a building that has a treadmill, weights, and other training equipment.

The thing is, you can literally just run outside if you want to run on a treadmill, and it is absolutely free to do so. Not only is it free, you'll get more free air, experience the environment and surroundings, and explore the area more. You'll find secret paths and routes that you won't find while driving for example.

Also if you just want to run in place, you can just do that anywhere. Just stand anywhere, and raise your knees up and down quickly. It won't have the same extension movements, and might not build up the exact same muscles, but it's similar and effective, and free. Why would anyone buy a treadmill or even pay a monthly fee just to have access to one?

Also I do notice that running outside on the sidewalk or pavement can be rough on the legs. I haven't noticed anything damaged or anything, but I would run through the forest, and I'd run on this nice soft ground. Upon stepping on the sidewalk as the forest path comes to an end, I immediately feel how stiff and hard the floor has suddenly become, and I have to adjust my running to be less aggressive as it feels like it would damage my legs and knees more.

Weights are pretty much free as well. You can go outside and find a heavy rock, and try to just lift that up and down. Or find something else that's heavy. Or you can just do push ups on the ground, pull ups on tree branches, etc, in the available outside sources for free.

Swimming is free too, just go to a nearby large body of water where if you live in nearly anywhere you are close by to one. Just go there, to the large body of water, then swim. It's free, but it depends, it may not be legal for some bodies of water like a pond or something. Also there's fish swimming there so they sometimes nibble on you (which feels like an ant bite) but they're harmless otherwise.

Yeah, pretty much any benefit a gym would have, I can think of so many more advantages to literally just walking outside and starting to exercise in place. Jumping jacks, push ups, rocket squats (idk the real phrase), there's tons of things you can do. Gyms are crowded, costly, etc.

Tasks Today
Get Stuff Done

Full list in the Extended Backlog page

--Before The Day Starts--
What is your plan for the morning? Work
What is your plan for the afternoon? Work, drive home
What is your plan for the night? Exercise, study
What did you learn from yesterday to do today? Not to waste time doing "that"
How will today be different? I am here today

--Required Daily Tasks--
Did I take over 10,000 steps today? No
Did I write at least 2000 words in my journal today? No
Did I program for at least an hour? Yes
Did I work on or complete any backlog tasks? No

--Questions About Today--
Was today a productive day? Yes
What did I do well on? I did a good amount of work, and I walked outside for a bit.
What did I do badly on? I don't remember much else happening throughout the day, I'm pretty sure I did "that" twice.
What can I do better tomorrow? Oh a lot. I can exercise more, and get more things done.
Did you take a selfie for the day? Yes
Did you upload the previous day's journal entry? No
Did I eat just around 2000 calories today? No
Rate how satisfied you were with today: 3/10
Why this rating? I barely remember this day (I'm writing this on Sunday morning)

Time Log

12:00 AM – Sleeping – 5:40 AM

5:40 AM – Preparing for Work – 7:40 AM

7:40 AM – Driving – 8:10 AM

8:10 AM – Working – 5:05 PM

5:05 PM – Driving – 5:40 PM

5:40 PM – Break – 6:40 PM

6:40 PM – Wasting Time – 9:00 PM

9:00 PM – Walking Outside – 9:54 PM

9:54 PM – Wasting Time – 11:59 PM

Productive Hours (9:49)
Working (8:55)
Walking Outside (0:54)

Neutral Hours (10:15)
Sleeping (5:40)
Preparing for Work (2:00)
Driving (1:05)
Break (1:00)

Unproductive Hours (4:25)
Wasting Time (4:25)

Megg's Horses
Math: 0
Art: 8
Python: 7
Web Development: 413
Java: 0
JavaScript: 2
PHP: 4
C#: 5
General Programming: 8
Exercise: 57
Game Development: 4