Thursday, June 21st 2018

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Cold Shower

I took a cold shower for the first time today, but I didn't jump in right away, it was gradual, and it was only for a few seconds. Normally I take 'warm' showers or neutral temperature showers, a shower where the water isn't either hot or cold but just in between. I would still shiver because the water still felt cold to my skin but it was very easy to get used to.

Today I put the shower temperature handle directly in the middle like I always do, except this time I didn't wait for the water to become warm with the hot water coming out. I just jumped directly in. The water was a little bit colder than usual, and I shivered a little, but it was easy to get used to and I got used to it right away.

Then I felt the water getting warmer and warmer, due to the hot water now just coming in, and instead of letting it do that, I adjusted the temperature knob down to slightly colder from neutral, and the temperature didn't change. I concluded that I had been taking a cold shower all along, and that this is how it felt.

I turned out to be wrong when I adjusted the temperature knob to be a lot colder, halfway through to the coldest temperature, and freezing water came gushing out. I immediately put it back to neutral, and shook all that cold water out. After I recovered, I realized that it wasn't so bad, I didn't get injured, or hurt, nor were there any scratches or anything that happened from getting hit by cold water. I just felt cold momentarily.

So I tried it again. I put it at the same temperature (halfway to the coldest temperature) and stood back from the shower, and I just felt the temperature change with my hand as it was the only thing in its line of fire. Here goes nothing, I thought, and I put both my arms in there, and my body, but not my head, as I stood there for a few seconds, I kept shivering and feeling very cold, and I put a little bit of my head underneath it, before turning the water completely off.

I did it! I lasted a few seconds in the cold shower, although I didn't last all the way. Today I realized that I finally got used to the neutral level shower, and I can pretty much take it at will now, at any time. It's time for me now to start off neutral but make the water slightly colder and slightly colder until I get more and more used to the cold.

My skin already feels less dry than before which is great. That's the main reason I'm taking these cold showers, is to have less dry skin. I also want to get used to the cold water, so that I can go to any pool or any place with cold water and just take a swim or shower without feeling so uncomfortable and unwilling.

I used to always take the hottest temperature showers and now I'm taking neutral temperature showers, that's a big step up from where I was a year ago. I could not even step into a shower that was not its hottest back then. It just felt so bad and uncomfortable. Now I'm doing it with no problems, and it's as easy as just stepping inside. I still have a long way to go however, until I'm able to take cold showers easily, but I'm further along the path.


I've come to resign that every time someone views how I type, they copy it and improve themselves. I have a co-worker who used to type with just his index fingers, and I don't know how long he has been doing this for, probably decades in his life as he's already in his 40s or 50s by now.

Anyway, shortly after I came on board, I very much noticed a large difference in how he typed. He no longer just typed with two fingers, but with all his fingers. He now also presses the enter key on the numpad, something I have never seen him do before (as I was quietly observing him during my first days here).

On my early days here, I noticed that he must've been one of the slowest typers I have ever encountered. I noticed that he typed with two fingers. It was this glaring observation that was right there in front of my face, that, holy crap, there are still some people in the world that type with two fingers.

Shortly after seeing me typing? Dramatic improvement. He's a lot faster on the computer too. He copied these skills from me, sucked them out, made them his own. It doesn't feel great and it's not fun when skills are copied from you like this, at least I don't feel great about it when I didn't give them explicit permission to learn it from me, but that just means I can do the same with other people as well.

I can view how others do a particular activity, and then I can copy it exactly like how they do, and then I can learn it right away. I won't be as good as them from the beginning, but at least I'd have more of an advantage rather than starting off from scratch (taking a much longer time) and having to learn it from myself, and it's a lot better than copying other beginners who also know absolutely nothing about the subject.


I've always looked towards others or even unconventional sources in order to learn something because I believed that their way was the right way, or that somebody else always had the answer to every problem, to every question, that there was always a right way to do something and there was always a right path to travel.

After reading about and learning of the experiences of many different people living their life, I've learned that everyone is just going down their own path, set for them by their previous actions, decisions, and circumstances. People don't just randomly win the lottery for instance, they have to go out and buy a ticket first, and it's probably not their first lottery ticket either. People don't just end up where they are because because they got placed there randomly (although this does happen once when we're born), they got there through their past actions, decisions, and circumstances.

Advice given from one person to another, may not apply for that other person. Although these are some timeless classic advice that fit nearly every situation: "Be Prepared", "Do Your Best", "Work Hard", "Have Fun", "Keep Going", "Stay Consistent". These timeless classics have limitless application.

The main thing I have understood when it comes to learning, is that I can learn too, and that anything I discover or anything that I learn on my own, is just as contributing as something I would have learned from someone else. It's okay for me to learn on my own, it's okay for me to discover things no one else has, the solutions to problems that I discovered are just as good as anyone else's. I learned that.

For the longest time, I always looked towards others as the main source of my knowledge and the main source of my learning. I would read books, articles, take advice from here, take advice from there, then I would apply it, and I would be changed. But I refused to come up with my own answers, my own solutions, my own revelations. I always believed that what I would come up with would not be good enough, that these answers I came up with that solve the same problem are somehow not as effective as another person's differing answer and to find the answer I had to look to others because other people always had the answer.

The older I get and the more questions I ask, the more I think "I got that same answer" or "Yeah I also considered that", and more often than not I'd think "That's correct" or "That's completely wrong", but I keep these thoughts to myself and don't express them out loud. It's now very rare for me to encounter a new thought or idea and get me to think "I never thought about that" because I most likely already thought about that.

Most thoughts and ideas I encounter now are reminders because I have already encountered them at least once before. I'm not too shocked about anything anymore, and I haven't been for a while, but I still never believed my own answers were credible because it wasn't someone else who discovered them.

I've discovered that I can learn and discover, that my own solutions are just as amazing as any other, and that my own life, and my own philosophy, is just another path through life, my own path through life.

I still have a hard time getting myself to become appreciative of my own solutions and my own methods, but I should appreciate them.

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Why this rating? Most of the day was actually good, I woke up around 5 AM, very early for me, and I stayed awake. I just went online and I read, I thought it was productive use of my time. Then I had the balls to take a cold shower for the first time, and throughout the day I would write these random yet I think brilliant essays on these random topics.

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