Tuesday, June 19th 2018

Throughout The Day


How many years and months have I been around so far? 24 years, 9 months, 28 days (roughly)

How many total days have I been around for? 8760 + 270 + 28 = 9058 days (roughly)

How many hours have I been around for? 217392 (roughly)

Keeping in mind the 10k hour rule, I would have been able to learn and master 217 skills during that time period, I've mastered one: typing and I did it at a much younger age (around 13 – 14 years old, but my aptitude showed at even younger ages). I'm roughly intermediate at all computer related skills from video to audio to programming to 3d to general usage to gaming to basically everything. I have mastered competency with computers, so I'd say I mastered two skills.


How many years, months, and days, do I have left if I lived until September 18th 2100? 82 years, 2 months, 29 days.

I would be 107 years old, nearly everyone I know today would be dead. My parents would have been lone gone. All my friends probably gone. All my teachers, gone. All the people I met in school as a kid, gone. All the people I've worked with up to this point in my life, gone. All my family members around right now, gone. If I lived to 107, possibly everyone I know today would be dead. If I lived to just 60, that's already most likely the case.

All the people I've argued with and debated with would also be gone. I'm trying to come up with other 'villains' or bad people I've encountered, but I must be rather sheltered because I can't come up with any enemies or anything like that other than people I've debated or argued against. Those people are terrible and I don't care if they die.

If I lived to 107 years, everyone I've known up to this point in my life would be dead. Everyone. Every single person. I think the chances are so rare and so slim for anyone to reach 100 that I think most of us, and I mean 99.99% of us (possibly the correct statistical average today), aren't going to make it. Not long ago in 2010, it would not have been hard to find people born in 1910, but as each day passes, that gets exponentially harder and harder as the centenarians start to die out. All those senior people I hosted those Bingo games for back in 2010 at the retirement home are most likely all dead now. They were old, shriveled, weak, unable to do as much. That will happen to me more and more as I age, not so quickly of course, but as I get to my 60s it'll become more apparent.

I do view my hours, days, relationships with people, health, and so on, differently now with that perspective of time in mind. I don't even think I'll make it to 107, it would just be a very nice and even milestone to reach to make it to 2100 and lived through three centuries. There's already no people alive today born in the 1800s, and pretty soon there will be no people born around in the 1900s, even though they make up the majority population in the world today.

How many days do I have left if I make it to 107? 29950.5 + 61 + 29 = 30040

How many hours do I have left if I make it to 107? 720960

That means I can potentially master roughly 720 skills during that time period.

How many of those hours are waking hours? 483043

That brings it down to roughly 483 skills that I can master in my overall life if I can make it to 107 years.

How many of those hours are non-work related hours? 241521

That brings it down to half of the waking hours number. 241 skills, assuming that I'm not working on any constructive skills I want to master during my work hours (I think I will be).

How many of those hours will most likely be neutral, random hours, doing random but necessary stuff (like driving, washing dishes, packing up things, showering, eating, using the bathroom, etc)? 120760

That gives me just enough time in the world to master 120 skills (given that I do well throughout my elderly years as well and don't run into troubles or things that will stop me like dying for example).

How many of those hours will be unwasted time? For example wasted time is randomly watching shows or something, that are habitual and hard to stop? 60380

I can realistically master roughly 60 skills if I make it to 107, taking in account of all the neutral hours that have to be spent, all the wasted time that will come and go, and all the sleeping and other necessary activities. Just using up all the productive free time I have available, I can make it to mastering 60 skills. These calculations don't explicitly include but may also account for relationships with others and raising a family, so the intent is to fill the entire spectrum. 60380 hours is the realistic amount of time I have of total productivity if all I did was focus on being productive, if I were just a regular person having no direction and going with the flow, this would be closer to zero. So I better use my time wisely because there's just so few of them to go around. I especially have the fewest of my "Youngest Hours", hours before I turn 30.

How many days do I have left until I turn 30 (on September 17, 2023)? 1915

Holy crap, I have already written my journals for roughly a third of that time. I just have 3x more of my journal days so far? What I want to do in my 20s is to spend all that time preparing for my 30s. I have to cure my vision, I have to be thin and healthy, I have to have a certain amount saved up and/or invested, I have to have skills mastered and ready, all sorts of things I have to do before then in order to prepare for the future.

How many hours do I have left until I turn 30? 45960

How many of that is waking hours? 30640

How many of that is outside work? 15320

How many of that is outside neutral activities? 7660

How many of that is outside wasted time? 3830

Holy shit. If I did roughly the same calculations (I may have differed somewhere) that I did for living to 107, as living to 30, I would be left with just 3830 productive hours I can spend towards mastering a skill or improving somewhere. So it really is vital that I spend work doing something productive and important to the skills that I want to master. The last place where I worked, I spent more than 3 years of my life towards skills that were not at all productive or contributing to anything I wanted to master for the rest of my life. Those were wasted years. Sunk cost. I'm going to ignore those years, and just focus on the years and time I have remaining.

So I have 3830 productive hours before I turn 30. That's roughly just 160 days out of 1915. That's 8.35% or roughly just 2 hours a day (and I admit even that is pushing it). So for my calculation to work, it's roughly just 2 hours a day of free time productivity throughout the course of my entire life. After we get rid of all the neutral hours, all the wasted hours, and all the sleeping hours, all the working hours, and so on, this calculation makes sense.

I have been tracking all my time for the past few months, where every minute has gone, and I can attest that this calculation is correct. Even on days when I wasn't working at all, I would spend possibly (and I haven't checked in a while) just two hours being productive working on what I really wanted to work on. Just two hours a day is the realistic amount of time I have calculated to being productive, with all factors considered.

Of course I'm going to try and do more than have just two hours a day of being productive, but it will not be easy. If I can do at least four hours of free time productivity a day, I would have 7660 hours of free time productivity until I'm 30. Even on weekends though where I presumably have the entire day to myself, even if I know to spend it productively and even if I really want to spend it productively, I don't get even 2 hours of productivity most weekends, even if I really tried and wanted it, so it really will be a challenge.

Even if I spend 4 hours a day being productive at a skill I want to improve though, that isn't enough for 10k hours in general. 10k hours towards just one dedicated skill is still a super hard challenge in and of itself.

I'm taking two college courses starting on Thursday. If I want to do well in them, I have to dedicate at least an hour a day per course, so that's already two hours of productivity gone. I then have to exercise for at least an hour a day, maybe forget the 10k steps as that usually takes me 1.5 hours. Then I have one hour of web development courses to go through. That's my 4 hours. If every day I came home from work and did those things productively to the tee, I'd be done at around 10 PM, and I haven't even eaten any food yet or written anything in my journal. How's that going to be possible?

Maybe I should just dedicate 30 minutes a day per course (then the course would be that much harder)? Maybe I need to spend a lot more time running instead of walking (then I probably need a lot more time to rest and recover). And maybe cut down my web development course to just 30 minutes as well? So after work I would have one hour to exercise, 1 hour to study both courses, and 30 minutes to do a web development course, and the rest of the time can be spent eating or writing in my journal, or I can go back to spending it productively doing a certain activity. That sounds totally fair and doable. Then I should be done with everything at theoretically 8:30 PM (but more realistically 9:00 PM).

I need to add that to my daily template somehow: 30 minutes each course (3 courses) and 1 hour of exercising. That's what I need to do daily after work. The rest of the time I can dedicate to anything else that I want to do, but those four tasks are a requirement.

Tasks Today
Upload 9 Photos to IG (5 minutes)
One hour of Web Design Course (1 hour 20 minutes)
Catch up on Journal Entries (45 minutes)

Full list in the Extended Backlog page

No Technology Punishment Hours (for not completing yesterday's required tasks): 3
--Required Daily Tasks--
Did I take over 10,000 steps today? No
Did I write at least 2000 words in my journal today? No
Did I program for at least an hour? Yes
Did I work on or complete any backlog tasks? No

--Questions About Today--
Was today a productive day? No
Did you take a selfie for the day? Yes
Did you upload the previous day's journal entry? No
Did I eat just around 2000 calories today? No
Rate how satisfied you were with today: 0/10
Why this rating? Today was a terrible day. At work I also did not really do that much, and was in a meeting for 2.5 hours, and wasn't able to get much done at work except for two tasks. When I got home I did absolutely nothing, even yesterday's nothingness was more productive. I also did "that" three times. I also did not even fall asleep early. I did absolutely nothing.

Time Log

12:00 AM – Sleeping – 6:40 AM

6:40 AM – Preparing for Work – 7:05 AM

7:05 AM – Driving – 7:35 AM

7:35 AM – Working – 12:20 PM

12:20 PM – Break – 1:10 PM

1:10 PM – Working – 2:00 PM

2:00 PM – Meeting – 4:40 PM

4:40 PM – Working – 5:01 PM

5:01 PM – Driving – 5:45 PM

5:45 PM – Break – 6:45 PM

6:45 PM – Wasting Time – 11:59 PMs

Productive Hours (8:36)
Working (5:56)
Meeting (2:40)

Neutral Hours (10:11)
Sleeping (6:40)
Preparing for Work (0:25)
Driving (1:14)
Break (1:50)

Unproductive Hours (5:14)
Wasting Time (5:14)

Megg's Horses
Math: 0
Art: 8
Python: 7
Web Development: 349
Java: 0
JavaScript: 2
PHP: 4
C#: 5
General Programming: 8
Exercise: 54
Game Development: 4