Saturday, June 16th 2018

8:10 PM

Holy crap it's been a while since I've written in my journal. Why is it that I choose to leave home when it's so late and getting dark out? I am considering walking now, when I could have walked hours ago. Oh well.

So yesterday for the most part was very typical. How it differed was that I hung out with some friends that day. The first friend I hung out with, he was the one who helped me find a job in the first place as he referred me to his girlfriend who then referred me to her company, and I got hired there. He recently got a job himself and so we went out to hang out and celebrate a little, we went over to the city where I used to work, and there was a festival going on there, as there is always some event going on in the weekend.

It was fun, I hung out with him after picking him up from his home, and we just walked around. I bought him some fries and a beer as a celebration for him finding a job, and we just went around the place exploring. We went into this bookstore that opened up recently in this freaking corner area, and holy crap it was so small and so tiny but very fancy and luxurious. I went through the bookstore and it was fun seeing all those books and there were so many new amazing books available that I'd never heard about, but we ended up not buying anything.

I feel really kinda bad for her business, there was some Asian woman on the counter who I assumed was the shop owner, she was about to start counting up her revenue from the cash register and I mean it was out in the open, I saw that it was practically empty (but then again who uses cash these days?), and I just touched some of these brand new amazing books (so freaking amazing), and felt kinda hurt that she would open up a brick and mortar bookstore business in freaking 2018. I mean look at all the bookstore businesses that have closed down over the years, you have several Barnes & Nobles stores closing down, I don't even remember some of the names of the other big ones I used to visit, but there were a bunch of them. They're not even around anymore.

So we left that place pretty quickly, I mean we didn't need to go in in the first place, but it was such a tiny place. It was a very clean and luxurious environment though, that I saw. It was very nice, very clean, very well maintained. But was it a strong and popular business? I don't think so. Almost every bookstore I used to visit back in the day, are closed today. The ones I'm not sure about if they're closed or not, I haven't visited the area they're in in forever, but they're probably gone too. I know that the top three bookstores I went to by frequency are gone now, and I used to buy a good number of books at those places. These days I just buy my books online, they're a lot cheaper.

I also hung out with his girlfriend and her daughter at one of the restaurants. We just chat a bit, I said some stuff here and there, and they said stuff here and there. Then my friend and I separated from their group, and we walked around some more (then I ended up buying him that food and drink as celebration). It was because this restaurant we went to, it was expensive AF, but we managed to get free meals there plus extra when they screwed up our order (I think his food wasn't cooked, and my order was completely wrong or something like that, I don't even remember, but I may have written about it), and I ended up getting around $60 worth of food for free that one day. It was just two of us eating there, and we didn't order anything fancy, that place was just expensive.

These fries and the beer by the way, it cost me $12 for my friend. Yeah. Just fucking French fries (not even that many) and a beer, cost $12. That's an expensive AF restaurant. It's this tiny miniscule amount of French fries that you think would cost around 30 cents, like the amount of calories in it must've been like 400 total (that's tiny for French fries) but no it cost $7-$8 for the fries alone (I think, that's what I remember from last time).

Anyway then I drove him home, I ended up telling him some stories on the drive home about when I was in third grade and how great it was. We visited the site of my Eagle Scout project just to see if it was still there (we built a garden and put up these waterways that redirected water so that this valley beneath this hill in this neighborhood wouldn't flood), and it was still there! I didn't want to get out and get a closer look as it was a neighborhood we were in, and it was nearing 10 PM, and you had to walk down this sidewalk in front of some townhouses to get to this garden and waterway area, and I did not want to do that, not this late at night.

Then afterwards I hung out with another friend, the friend from India that I haven't seen in forever. He recently got married. I called him up to see if he wanted to hang out, he never says no, so yeah I visited their home. He updated me on what was going on with his life and everything. He recently got married and she showed me a video about it as we drove by to another friend's house. These guys like to just hang out, go to random places, and smoke there. So they took me along, I did not want to stay out so freaking late, but I was basically forced into it since I got into the car to go to this other friend's house, and I was not going to be able to get home without a ride back.

Yeah we ended up driving to random and different places, and we played some loud nostalgic and sad music along the way and sang along (songs like Tell Me Why and Somebody That I Used to Know), and this was not what I considered a productive use of time. Yeah they were going through some shit (personal problems) and hardships, but none of their problems were going to be solved by smoking or driving around for hours to go to some random place, or by singing along to sad music along the way. I won't even try to argue with them though as they won't ever listen.

We also went to Wal-Mart and bought some things, I saw reading glasses over there!! I put these +1.5 reading glasses on top of my regular glasses and they were the perfect add-on! I can't wait for the one I ordered to arrive. I might actually just go out and buy some reading glasses soon regardless, just so I can take out the lenses and just take them onto my regular glasses sooner. They're only $6 or so, so they won't break the bank, and they'll help my vision.

These guys weren't doing so great, and they don't understand that it's because the actions they take are not productive in solving the problems that they have. One of them has gained a lot of weight, which I don't know if he has noticed it or not since I didn't notice it when I gained a lot of weight. It was a significant amount of weight by the way, he is completely different from when I saw him just a few months back. Then the other person is having a lot of financial and educational problems, like he recently flunked his last semester and therefore blew a significant amount money taking those courses (brick and mortar college isn't cheap these days).

I mean they're cool people, don't get me wrong. But they do talk about the problems they have all the time, but they smoke... and go around driving places.... As a way of solving their problem.... That makes no sense to me. We went to this one deserted place that was like 45 minutes away driving and it was in the middle of nowhere (no stores, houses, nothing) so we could stop on the side of the road and stare up at the sky full of stars. And I admit, it was a beautiful sight. You don't get to see that many stars in the city and the entire sky was full of them! It was beautiful! But this solves no problems. This solves no real life issues or anything that they were talking about.

So the first friend I hung out with on Friday he is doing very well physically. He is in excellent shape since he works out every single fucking day for several hours a day, he told me he was 165 pounds and 5% body fat at 5'9". He was very ripped and lean. His relationship was going well, his finances weren't.

The other two friends I had that I hung out with, they're both married so they're doing well relationship wise (I just took off my glasses so prepare for a bunch of sucky typos and mistakes) but failing school, not doing well financially, not doing well physically.

Then the other three friends I have they're doing well financially but not that great physically, not at all in relationships.

So I'm the average of the five friends I have, and I know I mentioned six here, but out of the "two friends" I mentioned in that second paragraph, one of them is really more of my friend's friend. So from those five friends, I'm going to ignore they're "defective" qualities, but one of them is doing _great_ financially, another one is doing great in relationships, and the last three are doing well financially.

So I'm the average of that. I'm doing "okay" in fitness, doing "okay" in relationships, doing a bit better in finances. It does make sense. It makes perfect sense. Confirmation bias? Probably, but it makes sense. Do I need better, more successful friends? Man, I am an individual and I will be me no matter who I hang out with. Right? Right? Right? I think so.

Anyway, it's 8:42 PM now and I'm going to walk outside. I need to walk 10k steps today. I'll write about what I did today later. I basically just had some appointments but did nothing the rest of the time, and in those appointments I spent the majority of time waiting in the waiting room.

11:58 PM

Alright now that I'm back. I just basically walked around outside for an hour and a half or so, and I ended up walking a little bit over 10k steps throughout the day. I walked already 2k steps from the night before, just from all the random freaking walking around and driving around and all the random walking and other things I did during the day for the appointments I had, so that's how I ended up with over 10k steps.

I mean yeah it wasn't that difficult. I also came up with a bunch of cool ideas during the walk like I do every walk. My problem is not coming up with ideas, my problem is not executing on those awesome ideas that I come up with. They're seriously awesome. Anyway, it is 11:59 PM, I am going to go out soon and try and buy some reading glasses. I'm not in any rush, and right now I'm watching videos. I'm probably going to eat a bit as well before going to bed.

Tasks Today
Dental Appointment
Car Oil Change

Full list in the Extended Backlog page

No Technology Punishment Hours (for not completing yesterday's required tasks): 4
--Required Daily Tasks--
Did I take over 10,000 steps today? Yes
Did I write at least 2000 words in my journal today? Yes
Did I program for at least an hour? No
Did I work on or complete any backlog tasks? No

--Questions About Today--
Was today a productive day? Yes
Did you take a selfie for the day? Yes
Did you upload the previous day's journal entry? No
Did I eat just around 2000 calories today? Yes
Rate how satisfied you were with today: 2/10
Why this rating? Did absolutely nothing today. I waited basically in the waiting rooms of the dentist and the car dealership for over two hours combined and I drove for a long time as well.

Time Log

12:00 AM – Friends – 2:30 AM

2:30 AM – Sleeping – 9:50 AM

9:50 AM – Preparing for Dentist – 10:15 AM

10:15 AM – Driving – 10:30 AM

10:30 AM – Dentist – 11:45 AM

11:45 AM – Driving – 12:00 PM

12:00 PM – Wasting Time – 2:00 PM

2:00 PM – Driving – 2:30 PM

2:30 PM – Changing Oil – 3:30 PM

3:30 PM – Driving – 4:00 PM

4:00 PM – Wasting Time – 8:10 PM

8:10 PM – Writing Journal – 8:43 PM

8:43 PM – Walking outside – 10:13 PM

10:13 PM – Wasting Time – 11:58 PM

11:58 PM – Writing Journal – 11:59 PM

Productive Hours (4:19)
Dentist (1:15)
Changing Oil (1:00)
Writing Journal (0:33)
Walking Outside (1:31)

Neutral Hours (11:45)
Friends (2:30)
Sleeping (7:20)
Preparing for Dentist (0:25)
Driving (1:30)

Unproductive Hours (7:55)
Wasting Time (7:55)

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