Saturday, June 9th 2018

11:49 PM

Dream Log before I forget (wrote this down this morning after waking up)

I had a dream that I was part of this huge gaming-like company that had a similar culture to my old company. Basically we worked at this very fancy building, and it just looked like a giant warehosue inside, with the lights turned off, and a lot of people were at these round desks working in their teams. I got kicked out of this company for some reason.

Then I went to school, and went to some damp and dark college buliding. To get back home I had no choice but to go through this curvy sidewalk surrounded by trees, it reminded me of the woods that I would go through, except the ground here was concerete instead of wood shavings and dirt so it was a little bit less frightening. Although I did try to find alternative ways and there wasn't any.

Then I was rehired at the company for some reason. It was this video game company where you literally don't do much except, in my role, I would just play games and test them out. I'd be assigned random tasks, but easy tasks, to do, and I'd just do them, they're all about testing either this video game or other video games.

I met one of my old friends there and he wanted to show us where he worked, and I was with some other guy, big round guy. So after lunch together at some place, we were going back into the building, but he said he worked down in the basement or something, so we had to take this other entrance that was on the side of the building and it went downwards.

Inside was a bunch of narrow hallways with some doors leading somewhere, mainly to offices but could also lead to other hallways, sort of like a school or my current workplace now. It reminded me of a mix of school and office environment. So we went around and he would show us these secret places, and we ended up going to a secret place, apparently you're not supposed to be here.

We ewre in some very large library looking room, and go into this dwelling shaped basically like half of a square. So just imagine this wall, and imagine half of a square displacing a huge 'dwelling' where that wall is, so it sort of "curves" inwards, but it doesn't' curve since it's a square. It's like the wall has been pushed in by this square, right? Does that make sense?

where there was these desks there and a bunch of sciency looking stuff. The walls were bookshelves, and there was a ladder leading to the top. Our friend climbed the ladder and gave us the signal when it was clear. We went up with him. Then he was found out and got in trouble, me and ther other guy were spared from the punishment as the pesron yelling at our friend didn't know us but knew that our friend would be the kind of person that would lead people there.

So he got in trouble, and he was just being yelled at, being told of what would happen if he kept doing this, because he wasn' supposed to be in these secret areas nor was he supposed to show us anything. Because I think it's hard to get here.

Then some dogs were sent after us, hound dogs, and we had to run. We ran and eventually got into this stairwell that spiraled down, it was like one of those stairs that you take in the back of a building, but this one spiraled and it was dark. But we kept running and went down this staircase and managed to escape the dogs. Then we talked and rested up a bit, I panicked at first and told them I forgot my cellphone at one of the desks in the dwelling, and they were like oh no, and we were about to go back, but then I actually did have my cell phone already.

Oh yeah, and I shook hands with that guy at the dwelling that was yelling at our friend and I got his name and we went off being chased.

So our friend lead us back to where we worked, and I got back into that dark warehouse looking place, where there was a large amount of space, and there were groups of people in circular desks, all working on whatever they're assigned to work on. I walked by my boss' desk who looked like my physics teacher from high school. He was reading a book and hopefully didn't see or notice me.

My physics teacher used to have this thing where he would sit in restaurants literaly just reading books. I've seen him in real life several times at several different restaurants just sitting down in his seat, reading some sort of science fiction book. It was kind of cool, he had this quirk that was very noticeable. But everyone thought it was weird and funny. I thought it was fascinating. He would literally just have some food in front of him, and he would just be holding this small, thick, book, and he would just be reading.

Anyway, so I walked by his desk hoping not to be seen. I was gone for a long time, and the warehouse area was massive. Then I found my desk where I was before, and I found that old gorup of people I used to work with? Or they were my classmates? BUt I didn't know their names that well, we were asked to play these different game as our assignment and just take notes and stuff on it. Or maybe we were supposed to watch a movie? No one else was basically paying attention and was doing their own thing.

There was this girl next to me, who looked exactly like this girl in this birthday photo, where she turned 25 for her birthday and she's holding giant ballons that say "25" and she's smiling. She looked exactly like her! It's an aiconic photo for me because I'm about to be 25 soon, and she just reminds me of aging. I'm looking at the photo now, she's some blonde/brunette girl and she's holding these balloons that say "25" and she has her head visible through the curve in the lower part of the 5. It's this stock photo I found, and it should be very available on Unsplash. I found it, it can be found under the search terms "birthday woman" and shes' the first.

So we were working on whatever, and she used my laptop or old laptop that I used to use, I think? And so I wanted to get it back. she gave me her long password or it was maybe the company's long password? Anyway, I was able to log in once, but then I would forget it later, and I'd ask her to log in. She logs in and instead just takes over and uses it as if it were her own again, and she starts browsing some dating sites and such. I still think she was just going to hand it back over, so I was watching her this entire time. She just goes around browsing websites, going through this dating site often, replying to some guys, checking out some guys, etc.

But then she realized I was supposed to be the one using it and I just gave it to her so she could log in... Because the password was long. So then she gives it back and we just start watching this movie for some reason? I think there was a movie playing we were supposed to watch, but we started watching this movie somewhere on a screen, not on the computer she just gave me (or maybe it was).

After adjusting our seating to get a better view, me and her got close physically where our thighs would touch, we were both wearing pants so it's not like it was a big deal, but she stayed there and didn't budge. And then she got sleepier and sleepier, because we were in this dark warehouse-like building, I don't blame her. She started leaning in closer and closer to eventually having rested her entire head on my shoulder. And so we just started cuddling and she was completely fine with it. I started feeling sleepy too.

And then that's what I rememebred.

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