Thursday, June 7th 2018

10:05 PM

I wasted a lot of time today, and I also ended up doing "that" again and I fell asleep for an hour or so. I just woke up again recently. I was supposed to go outside and walk tonight, but instead, I ended up just doing "that" and falling asleep basically.

Today was a very good and productive day. My parents woke me up as they were heading out, around 7:09 AM, I just remember seeing that time when I woke up this morning. It's so surprising how fast the time goes by now, I remember my first day at work, that seemed like an eternity. Now the same amount of work hours are going by much much faster and yeah.

This morning I set up an ASP.Net IIS website trying to learn it from scratch. This is what was hugely frustrating for me yesterday, but I spent last night installing Windows Server 2012, a free operating system I got from being a student in 2012. And today actually, after work, I signed up for another Microsoft student program, and I can apparently also get Windows Server 2016 now, but more on that later, and I may possibly not even install a Windows Server 2016 operating system, but who knows. I may try it out.

Gosh I just spent some time looking for some other student discounts and/or student free plans and such, and there's so many available. Technically I can also get all of the Jetbrains software such as Pycharm and others for free for a year (something I took advantage of I think back in early 2017 so it should be expired now), and also I can get the Adobe products for a huge discount as well. Those are the biggest discounts that I can think of that are related to what I want to do. There are some other discounts like 50% off of Amazon Prime, which is nice, but I don't even use Amazon that much anyway, so who cares? And that's not even related to education at all.

Now if Audible had a student discount... maybe we're talking... Nope, none that I can see available right now. They want me to sign in first anyway, which I'm not going to do. But pretty much every website and company out there has some sort of student discount. They do this because they want the students using their products after they graduate. I admit that I am somewhat very keen on using something like Pycharm all the time because of that trial they gave me. I wrote some sleep beautiful code using PyCharm and wow, I mean, ah, I should not randomly advertise random freaking businesses as I type, right? I mean this is all part of what they want, they want students to use it, then they want students to give out free endorsements... I'm not giving out any endorsements because I don't even use that software anymore anyway, it's been like 9 months or so since I last even touched that software.

Yesterday during my walk I thought about it. I was surprised that the CEO of a fucking website like Amazon, is now richer than Bill Gates, the person who pretty much invented personal computing for the masses. Sure there was Steve Jobs, but was he for the masses? Having very expensive products isn't accessible for everyone, and sure Linux is free but it's been so many years and always I would rather use and would have a much more fun and easier time using something like Windows XP over the latest Linux software in 2018. Sure you can do very technical things with Linux, and I know my way around it as well, I love it, Linux is pretty rad, but it has no software support at all, which is why I don't use it and would prefer using Windows XP as a main any day (although software support for XP has already died down as well, so at this point, Linux may be the better option).

Today at work I basically just worked on setting up the project they gave me yesterday on my computer. It was so freaking hard. This is the hard thing I was talking about that, I was so frustrated about. I was so frustrated because nothing I tried worked. And I also ran Windows 8.1 in a VM, that I just installed for this purpose, and I could not re-adjust the size of the desktop on Windows 8.1, so I was sooooo frustrated working on that small screen that last night I installed Server 2012 and was able to resize it after watching a video on how... So a lot of Google searches led me to nothing, but searching up an answer on YouTube did the trick, who knew? I could've used the same method on the Windows 8.1 version and it would have allowed me to resize it, but I didn't because I had no idea about that option at the time.

Anyway. What was cool today is I was able to solve some very easy problems, and then I got some assistance from several people on setting up the site. Turns out I am not that stupid after all because these experts were also having a difficult time setting it up, and they told me that it took them a while to get it set up on their own system. Woohoo. I talked to like 5 people today, or maybe 6 people, and that's the most I've ever talked to at work I think. A lot of people came by my desk, it was fun, it was awesome.

Two people were sitting next to me at the end of the day, at my cubicle. One on my left whom I was helping with a programming problem, and one on the right who was using my laptop to set up the server and website project in the VM. What was interesting and I felt so humbled is that the person on my left came to me for help and he was like "I bet you would get this instant, can you tell me what's wrong with this code?" and he showed me the problem he was facing. I was like, WHAT, you're going to ME for help? I'm new and basically just learned for a month, I don't know anything, but yeah he sat with me and we went through the problem, and I was able to figure some things out but not really help him solve it. At least I could keep pace, you know? At least I'm not a big dummy, or maybe I am.

He was using the debugger like a pro. I don't even know how to use the debugger that well. I have never used it except to just run software all this time, because the debugger launches automatically. I never really went through line by line debugging anything, all the stuff I've solved so far were without the assistance of debugging. Which is weird. I think debugging is very powerful, and he showed me just how powerful it can be, like you can literally see the values of variables on any line that you're on, and this is something I've known for a long time, but I usually just print out the result or something, instead I could have just debugged it and it would've been so much more convenient, I think.

Anyway, I'm going to eat some food. I signed up for Pluralsight, I think I already mentioned that? No, I haven't. So along with the free software from Microsoft like Server 2016 which I can now download and use, I also get some access to some education sites like Pluralsight for free. I'm not giving any endorsements, I'm just mentioning it because I have a year and 3 months free now, and that's nearly a $400 value, which is cool. Oh, the Jet Brains thing is like $1000+ in value, and same with the Adobe student discount. The Microsoft student discounts are like $10,000+ in value, and it was probably $30,000+ in value when I was a student in 2012 (it is much less now).

One of the best deals I ever passed on was a Microsoft Office 2007 (ALL Office Software) pack and a Microsoft Office 2010 (ALL Office software) pack, lifetime unlimited install and usage, for just $100. FUCK. This was in 2013 (so maybe it was Office 2013 and Office 2010 Complete software pack? So very possible), and I think they were getting ready to retire the programs from sale, and I saw it as a discount advertisement, and I didn't buy it. This was the last chance to get these amazing software that didn't have a required office online account to sync with... You can no longer get these software, I think, at least, the last time I checked, because I didn't want to sync my account online, but now I'm forced to with the latest Microsoft Office versions, especially 365. I have Office 2016 which is the very last of the non-subscription versions. Now you have to subscribe. Ouch.

I don't know how to get Microsoft Office 2016 if I, for example, uninstalled this operating system and got a new one. I got Office 2016 through my student discount, and I am unsure how to install it again if I had to. Oh, I can just buy it. It looks like it's still for sale, I just thought it would not be for sale anymore, which is what happened with Office 2010 back in 2013, I think. My memory of that era is a little choppy, I can recall things, but they're not perfect.

So yeah, I'm going to eat some food now, then go to sleep soon. I have to wake up early tomorrow to drop off my mom at work. I might continue writing in my journal afterwards, or I might not. Who knows?

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