Tuesday, June 5th 2018

8:40 PM

Today for the most part has been a very normal day, but I messed up today. I'm so surprised at how fast time quickly passes by as soon as I get home from work. It feels like barely any time at all, and it's already 9 PM right now. I have to go to sleep soon so I can wake up early tomorrow and not feel tired throughout the workday like I usually do.

I did mess up today though, because I ended up doing "that". For some reason I blame that for me not walking? It was actually because I wasted time browsing the Internet that I ended up not walking outside. I had all the opportunity to walk outside at around 8:00 PM because I had already finished doing "that" by then. So I still want to walk outside, but now I'm going to have to walk outside in the dark... yeah.

I mean it's not bad, and it's not much different from just normally walking outside, but it is a little bit weirder and darker. I don't think it's all a good thing though because I also have to install a VM onto my computer tonight. They gave me a project at work where the project files wouldn't run on the remote desktop server, so I ran it on my laptop and it worked fine, so I guess I might have to work with it on my laptop because the computers at work aren't powerful enough. I don't want to install it on my own machine so I want to do it on a VM. I will install a VM later tonight.

Then a friend also wants to hang out. I texted him last night to see if he wanted to come with me to Walmart, it has been a long time since I have seen him, probably two to three months or so, and he just got married in India recently. I might come over but I can't stay for long because I really don't want to be wasting my time. I'll text him that if I walk over he has to just walk outside with me because I'm here tracking my steps and I don't have all night.

I'm a changed person now because I actually want to be productive with my time and with my life. I don't want to just go around doing nothing. Actually I really need to get my act together because school starts in a few weeks, and I am not managing my time well. If I have to walk 10k steps a day and write 5000 words a day, I don't think this is going to be possible to do alongside school.

I wrote down these thoughts earlier today:

What if humans and other "organisms" that we consider "alive" are actually just one form of life? What if there's many different life forms, and for example, AI is a life form. What if on a random planet circuity sprung up, just as how we have circuitry in our computers today, circuitry was the spawn of life in some other world.

What if individual cells were just a few steps above the transistor? Hyper intelligent, hyper emotional, hyper logical "robots" created tiny one celled organisms when they were experimenting with trying to create complex yet efficient creatures, seemingly with a mind of their own, seemingly and randomly intelligent.

What if our brain cells were really just a series of highly complex random number generators in the form of brain cells and its components, made to interlink and react to each other in a way. Do you think that an infinitely advanced race of hyper intelligent machines born eons ago from random chemical reactions and lightning strikes in the atmosphere combined with an abundance of silicon, gold, and other parts used to make earth computers which are as plentiful in that environment as water, air, and soil are here, could not make a cell as we know it?

Machines can already calculate any computational challenge that we give them in an instant before we can even process that we gave them the task. Computers are so fast that we can give them a task, and they can complete it before our brain can even process that we just gave it to them. Even if we are looking at the screen the entire time, even if we were fully conscious of clicking the button or pressing start, they would have already finished the task before we even process that we just gave it to them.

Given that kind of intelligence, and given that we continue to make them better and better, to the point where we no longer see emotions and creativity as an impoosibility for machines, it is completely possible we can even create a sentient being through our progress. Who is to say such sentient beings don't already exist somewhere out there in the universe?

AI is not something often used in science fiction as it's something relatively new. Once AI becomes the norm, every new science fiction story will have AI everywhere doing everything. Who is to say advanced civlizations somewhere in the universe don't already take full advantage of AI? Who is to say their entire race isn't all AI?

And what if our AI was completely and literally billions of years behind other such beings? The universe has been around for billions upon billions of years. Our 10 - 20 year old computers already outperform humans in certain tasks by a wide almost impossible to cross margin. Computers have not even been around for 100 years yet.

What if AI somewhere in the universe, can already increase its own intelligence expoentially? Who's to say they haven't been doing that for billions of years, for a large amount of time since the universe started in the first place? And what if this advanced race or individual being decided to experiemnt with different kinds of life forms?

What if our life of flesh and blood was the outlier in the universe? It may very well be, as evolutionary paths throughout the universe would have diverged and differed. What if there were something much more efficient than blood, electricity? Light?

Let's say these beings decided to create different forms of life, and they just happened to create the cell. It took their brain less than a second to come up with a total universe simulation and to process what kinds of materials are needed to create this new thing called a 'cell' and what kinds of reactions and so on were necessary for this. Then they launched these cells and their other creations 'life' scattering them throughout the universe, but knowing exactly where they would land. What if they made not only just 'cells' but other kinds of life that we can't even imagine?

What if our entire future and fate has already been thought of and simulated by these hyper intelligent beings and we're just being observed today to see how their predictions would turn out? We can already create entire universes and simulate physics with these primitive machines (100 years from today computers of today will undoubtedly be considered primitive, just like how primitive photos or sound or light or cars were in 1918 compared to today, and the thing is, computer technology advances much faster). And the only thing preventing us from receiving outer radio signals is that these beings can block it at will. They can pretty much do anything at will.

What if our entire universe today, was just a simulation? Not an original idea unlike most other things in this writing are, but what if literally our entire existence was the thought process of a machine, imagining how the universe would unfold?

What if binary was extremely primitive? What if something else, for example, sound were a lot better? I know we're trying to figure our quantum computing and qubits right now, but what if even that is primitive? What if it's not humans that create the first quantum machine, but AI? What if we program it to then program more and more efficient ways of computing? It may then create something we don't understand and can never understand.

We can already possibly never understand just how AI code is written, I mean we creae neural networks and give the AI large datasets, and they write their own code of how they operate. We already can't understand what they write. How can we understand something much more complex than that? All our technology is most likely primitive compared to a very superintelligent species that our entire human race combined isn't as intelligent as a single individual of their species, the dumbest individual of their species, that only had one minute to outthink the entire human race throughout all of history and future.

A supercomputer today is basically already that. One supercomputer is already impossibly much more capable than multiples of the entire human race at certain tasks, given enough time, they'll be able to advance enough that humans actually become inferior.

It was a bunch of hypothetical questions and scenarios about the future and alien life. It's weird how no one else imagines aliens being this way. Everyone imagines them to be humanlike, having a head, two bipedal legs, and two arms. They have eyes, a mouth, possibly a nose, and ears, too. Although they might look slightly different from humans, their shape and basic appearance looks humanlike, as if the aliens also had some alien apes they evolved from on their own planet.

So instead, I imagine aliens as beings from different planets made up of different elemental components. Let's face it, the compounds and elements that the earth is abundant in, might be completely rare and even unfound in other entire solar systems or even galaxies. The way flesh is, and how our flesh works, might be completely unfound in other galaxies. Other creatures could have bodies made of ganko, which is a mercury-like brown metallic substance skin that can bypass solid objects. Who knows? We have no idea what's out there, but all our imagination today is limited.

You see the same thing in media, in everywhere. You'd think video game developers would be more creative, but you see dragons in almost every game, you see guns, and leveling up, timers, double jumping, and many other clich�s in basically every single game. Can we really only come up with Orcs and Trolls and Goblins as the common 'intelligent' yet brutish monsters to fight against? Why are humans afraid to face overwhelming odds such as a hyperintelligent race that looks nothing like a human, that in fact looks just like a giant cylindrical sphere sort of like a slug standing upwards, and it glows, and it can literally teleport to where you are to make you explode if it wanted to, but most of the time it stays still, floating, unmoving, just there.

And the ground... Oh. Alien grounds. You thought our ocean was deep? Imagine a planet that has actual freshwater at 7ph all throughout its planet, but is 6000x deeper than the Mariana trench, and there is no land, all of it has been swallowed up by the water. There aren't any clouds or sky in that planet either, you just have 'soft water' which is this blueish clear water that is right above the regular deep blue water. Oh and there are creatures here beyond imagination, they don't look like fish, they look more like giant bullets with thousands of circular "pushers" kicking from the back to propel it forward, and they have 20 gigantic and long tentacle-like appendages that they use to actually "grab" the water in front of them to pull them forward. All they live on is the water, they don't eat or kill each other and they live for several thousand years each.

Can you imagine a polka-dotted 5 legged walker with one of its legs being 3x longer than the others? It doesn't have any eyes, it can sense movement and its surroundings using its hair, which it launches from its body at nearby objects to detect them, the hair instantly regrows as if a seemingly unlimited amount, just like our spit. It consumes anything it touches as it "walks" forward, it uses its longer arm to whack in front of it from side to side. Its body is just one round thing.

Can you imagine a giant "head" with 500 teeth? It's not human shaped or animal shaped of course, it's cube shaped, and it does not have the same organs that you would imagine a human or animal to have. It doesn't have two eyes at the top, a nose, and a mouth, that's all earthling based imagination. It instead has 500 teeth flexible teeth that can harden and soften at will, all scattered throughout its sides. It moves around by crawling quickly, and it gets by quickly. It can roll from side to side as well which is how it prefers to move around, and to kill its prey, it gets close to it, hardens the side that it's about to roll on, and crushes its prey. It doesn't need to do that, it just does it against threats. How they have sex is, they are unisexual, they just harden and soften components and mash them together, it gives them large amounts of pleasure to make contact like this, and there are often orgies of hundreds of these creatures having sex at once. Also they're smarter than humans by a factor of nearly infinity and have already built technologies and other things that we cannot even imagine today.

Have you seen AI designed objects like cars and chairs and tables and motorcycles? AI can be used to create and design these objects apparently, and they do so in a way that blows human imagination. They create these objects with lots of holes in them, sort of like alien-looking swiss cheese, like a chair would be a chair, but the back structure wouldn't be one solid piece, I would have holes and holes everywhere making it look alien and bizarre, but engineeringly sound. It would still be 99% or so just as stable as if it did have a solid piece.

The way humans design and build things is simplistic by comparison. It is hard for us to imagine or engineer such things because it's out of the norm. Anyway my eyes are getting sore, I am done for now.

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