Saturday, June 2nd 2018

3:30 PM

I was so freaking tired today. I had just a few hours of sleep last night, and yes, I did "that" before going to sleep. I had maybe 3-4 hours of sleep total last night. For some reason I fell asleep around 3 AM or 4 AM, and then I woke up either at 6 AM or 8 AM. I don't even remember. Either way, I did not get that much sleep last night, for all I know I slept at 5 AM. I was not paying attention to the time at all today, which is how I lost track of it all, and why I left it all untracked.

Then in the morning I just watched YouTube videos and I posted a lot of comments. I listened to this podcast between Kevin Smith and Joe Rogan, and it was so interesting. Kevin Smith talked about his near death experience and what having a heart attack was like, and he talked about how veganism helped him lose 19 pounds in just 2 weeks, and Joe Rogan was stunned through it all as he had pretty much no understanding of how cholesterol and health works in the human body.

Most of the comments I posted were for that video, I posted replies to people and posted about my own experience. It is actually pretty cool that I actually spend just around $5 - $10 a week on groceries, or I would if I bought my own groceries, as I only buy rice once and that's around $20, that lasts a month. Then beans are around $1 for 2 pounds, which have more than 3000 calories per pound. There's 7 days a week, with $7 I can get 21000 calories, which is enough. That's so interesting right? It's amazing.

I'm going to see if I got any replies back. I just told people I spent $5 - $10 a week but never showed them the actual math. I checked but I don't know if I got any replies back. Sometimes there's this "Replies" button that pops up next to my notifications, but I didn't see one now, and I didn't want to ruin my streak of my 100+ unseen notifications (it only shows 9+ now but before it would show 99+) and I don't care about seeing my notifications anyway.

So anyway, yeah. I'm going to eat some food and then I'm most likely going out and exercising. Today's been a very chill day. When there's nothing to do, you just don't feel like doing anything. I do have some tasks to do in my tasks lists though, and I will do them today, let me just eat first because I am hungry.

9:57 PM

I can either walk 10k steps tonight or I can write 5000 words. It's one or the other. I choose the exercise because there is not much that happened today. I basically just slept late last night, woke up very early this morning, was tired and browsed YouTube and mainly posted replies and comments to people for hours. Then I took a nap for over an hour after eating. Then I tried to do web development but there were a bunch of distractions, I still managed to get quite a bit done though, it was nice. Then that leaves us to now.

That's the quick summary for today. that's really it. it rained outside basically the entire day which is why I never even considered going out until now. I lied actually, it didn't start to rain until around 5 PM or so, and that's when I didn't feel like going outside anymore. So I wanted to wait until 7 PM when the rain would stop, but it still kept on going, and it didn't stop until just recently, I think just now it stopped. So I'm going to go outside and walk now, because last time I went out this late, it was around 10:30 PM and I was not able to get 10k steps. I was able to get 6k steps by 11:30 PM, and by that point I gave up.

So if I leave now, I'll have two hours to walk 10k steps, and at that point, 10k steps seems very feasible. So I'm going out now.

11:56 PM

I walked 10k steps today! Woohoo! I also got caught up in a large rain storm tonight, and I had to do most of my walking inside a small street tunnel that goes underneath the road. I think the length of it was just a very short distance, around the width of roughly 5-6 road lanes, so I just kept walking back and forth, basically like I was crossing the street several times over and over again. The width of the tunnel was very tiny though, roughly of a single road lane, so I didn't have that much room to go around.

What I did though was several different exercises, I would run back and forth, I would do knees up, I would do rapid turns, do zig zags, etc, just to fulfill as my entertainment because it was severely boring in there. I would try walking outside and then I would just get drenched because the rain was very strong. I was around 30 minutes away walking distance from home, so there was no way I would make it there without getting heavily wet and possibly sick.

It's weird how we get sick from the rain. Is it because of the foreign invaders that invade our body when we stand out in the rain? Like tiny little bacteria and so on that attack us, when we get wet by the rain? I don't know why we get sick from the rain, it wasn't particular cold tonight, so it was like taking 'warm' shower basically. Yeah. I think it's due to the foreign invaders of bacteria and viruses but I never formally learned about it.

I also thought about how insects survived during the rain, because even birds can't fly, where do the insects go? The ground floods, and every surface becomes so wet they become harder to grasp onto, not to mention the drops of water that are as large as an insect's head or sometimes entire body, so even a drop of water going down on the side of a wall is enough to push and knock down most insects, maybe even drowning them by trapping them in that drop. So how do they survive? How do billions of insects survive during storms like tonight?

Then there was this frog that kept looking at me. It was frog coming out season I guess, and there was this one frog there. I remember before there used to be so many more, but all day tonight I just saw two total. Anyway, I saw this one frog and he just kept looking at me I imagine, was I went back and forth through the tunnel hundreds of times. After walking 10k steps, I called my dad to pick me up, and I was going to up this road, and I had lost sight of the frog but still remembered him/her so well. Well, as I was going up this hill, I wasn't paying attention to where I was stepping, and I accidentally kicked the frog as I stepped forward, and it felt like this fluffy rock I had just landed on, and holy shit. I felt so fucked up, as I saw the frog sprawled on the ground frozen in a very awkward and injured position, where one of its front arms (legs?) was way outstretched and he was just frozen. Shit.

I'm sorry little froggy, I was not paying attention.

Tasks Today
Upload 7 Days' Worth of Photos
Catch up on Journal Entries
Build a site design
Record and Track Courses I'm Taking

Full list in the Extended Backlog page

Was today as productive as it could have been? No
Did I take over 10,000 steps today? Yes
Did I program a little today? Yes
Did I eat under 2000 calories today? No
Did I write at least 5000 words in my journal today? No
Did I take and upload my daily photos for today? No
Did I upload yesterday's journal entries today? No

Time Log

12:00 AM – Untracked – 1:50 PM

1:50 PM – Setting Up Today – 1:57 PM

1:57 PM – Napping – 3:30 PM

3:30 PM – Writing Journal – 3:44 PM

3:44 PM – Eating Food – 4:14 PM

4:14 PM – Web Development – 5:14 PM

5:14 PM – Wasting Time – 7:14 PM

7:14 PM – Web Development – 9:14 PM

9:14 PM – Break – 9:57 PM

9:57 PM – Writing Journal – 10:00 PM

10:00 PM – Preparing to Walk Outside – 10:05 PM

10:05 PM – Walking Outside – 11:56 PM

11:56 PM – Writing Journal – 11:59 PM

Productive Hours (5:16)
Setting Up Today (0:07)
Writing Journal (0:20)
Web Development (3:00)
Walking Outside (1:49)

Neutral Hours (16:41)
Untracked (13:50)
Napping (1:33)
Eating Food (0:30)
Break (0:43)
Preparing to Walk Outside (0:05)

Unproductive Hours (2:00)
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Exercise: 45
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