Tuesday, May 29th 2018

9:03 PM

Well today's another day. Yesterday I spent very productively in my opinion, having walked nearly 20k steps, and I also wrote well over 5000 words in my journal, so yeah I think yesterday was a great day.

Today was technically even better though because I spent more hours being productive. Yesterday there were several hours when I literally did not do anything, and I do not even remember what I did for those hours. I most likely just sat around or browsed the Internet, very unproductive hours that were so insignificant in my life, that I didn't remember them a day later. I still remember a bit about yesterday, I remember that I went outside twice, and ran a lot of the second time, I remember looking at my schedule for classes in the future, I remembered looking at how much money I had in the bank and other accounts, and it wasn't that much, and the rest of it I barely remember.

So let me start from the beginning of today. I'm supposed to write over 5000 words today but that's going to be so hard to do because I think I barely did anything. First, I woke up at around 6:40 AM, maybe 6:30 AM, it was somewhere around there. I took a shower which was the first thing I did, I tried to initially take a cooler shower, but it was so freaking cold, I put it in the 'very warm' range, not just 'warm' water, but 'very warm', though not hot. I took a shower for a few minutes, got changed, and prepared some blackberries for me to eat in the car. That's really all I did that morning, oh and I also brushed my teeth.

Then I went with my mom and I dropped her off at work, and then I drove off to my own workplace. Yeah. I mean, it was just a normal drive this morning, when you have thousands of these already happening throughout your life, you don't tend to remember much of them, especially since I've gone down this route well over 1000 times. So I went down this road to drop off my mom, and then I drove to my own workplace, and I got there really early at around 7:30 AM. I was so freaking early.

I noticed that the lights above me turned on, but not right away. Weird, I thought. So I turned off the lights, and turned them back on, and the lights above me were off while every other light in the room was on. Whoa. So they didn't screw in the bulbs properly. But I turned off and on the lights a few times, until it finally lit up. So I can basically make it so that I can either have a light above me, or no light above me. When it's this early in the morning and it's still a little bit dark outside, I prefer to have lights above me thanks.

So then I started working right away, and I got a lot of work done. It's surprising how many hours can go by in nearly instantaneous time. I mean, I worked for over 4 hours before I took a 'break' at around 12:10 PM, and that time whizzed by like the speed of light. It was over so quickly. It felt like I had just gotten into work, and already it was lunch time. Of course I didn't eat any lunch because I didn't bring anything, but I did go out to my car, and I drove to the next door parking lot where I parked in between those two trucks again, and took a nap underneath the shade of that tree. The perfect spot to take these breaks, and it's literally one block over. I'm so surprised it's there and I'm so surprised no one else parks there.

I have driven around as well, and found no better spot than that one. First, there's no underground or parking lot buildings anywhere close by, so no matter where I go basically, there will be sun. Everywhere except underneath this tree, which is very odd. It is so odd that just in this one spot where no one parks, there also happens to be two trucks parked one spot away from each other, and where I park in between off, so I can be shielded from the left and right sides as well, if the sun were coming down from those directions, and also, no one can see me.

So yeah. This is the superb perfect parking spot and it just happened to be right there. I took a break for my eyes, because I notice that my eyesight my be getting weaker. I texted my dad if he could buy me some carrots to eat, because the kale and blackberries weren't doing enough. I'm going to cook some of the carrots tonight because they are freaking delicious, and I am freaking starving for some Vitamin A from these carrots.

Of course, I notice that it's a lot better for me to stop staring at any screen once I consume these carrots, because their effect is noticeable almost immediately. As soon as I eat the carrots, my vision starts to get a little bit blurrier faster if I end up using a computer afterwards. I don't know how that works, but that's how it works. Also, my vision tends to mess up a little bit when I'm moving my hands quickly enough, for example, when I'm typing, or when I'm playing a game like Guitar Hero, just whenever my hands are moving super fast and I'm staring at a screen, then my eyes tend to get blurry, and that might be just because I forget to blink.

So I also need to blink a lot more, because I probably do not blink enough. At work I try to stare at a distant object every 15 or so minutes, but usually it happens around every 30 or so minutes because time gets away from me during that time. So I stand up and I drink my water, when in reality I'm using this opportunity to look outside the window, which I need to stand up to see from where I'm sitting. And I try to look at the most distant object I can, which is usually the sky way out in the distance. Then I alternate between looking at the sky and closer objects such as trees or buildings or anything else close by, but my view of the outside is usually just around 20% of my total vision, because I'm inside a building, and I have to look through two windows and through one entire room in order to look outside.

Other than that, most of my work is close range vision. I'm very close to my computer, and I don't have anything above that or ahead of me that I can look at that is significantly further away. There is this one door number I look at though, and it just says "138", that I try to look at every now and then, but it gets blurry often, and I often and annoyed at how terrible my vision has become.

I have considered getting Lasik or another brand of laser eye surgery, but I firs thought it was some surgery where they use lasers to adjust your eyes magically. I hope I get this right, but I think all they do is just cut some incision in your eyes, taking off the outermost layer of your eyes, whatever that outermost layer is called, and peel it off. This gives them direct access to your iris, and then they apply this solution that is your eye prescription but basically in liquid form, and then they put the outermost layer back, and then they seal it with some healing and natural liquids that allow it to heal. So from my understanding, it's basically just like having a lens in your eyes, but in liquid version.

And then I've read of all the horror stories and I've read about the statistics of people with dry eyes after Lasik, and I've also read about people's long term experiences with Lasik. And so from all of that, I have decided, it's not worth it. it's not much more than just wearing glasses or contacts. Sure it's "permanent" but it doesn't sound like such a great procedure to me.

Oh great, I think my understanding of it is entirely wrong. That's what I had heard from someone else who described it. But okay, apparently Lasik or other laser eye surgery, they apparently do reshape your cornea through laser eye surgery. Hmm. If that's the case, then I might reconsider getting it again. but for now I'm going to try and fix my own eyesight through my own methods of eating carrots, eating kale, and eating blackberries, and also taking in some vitamin b12 for vision.

I should eat these things all at once for full effect, possibly, but I'm very full right now. I just spent an hour eating, and I ate more food in one hour than most people probably would in a day, I think. I just ate a lot. I ate two plates of beans and rice, I ate a plate of kale and sweet potato chips, I ate a small plate of peanut butter, and a cherry that I did not take a picture of. I usually take a picture of every single food I eat, but sometimes I just eat a bite of something, and therefore I don't even bother taking a picture even though I should.

Yeah, I think the faster I type the less I blink, and that's why my eyes tend to mess up a bit more. Well I'm still about 3000 words away and so far I feel like I have already typed in a majority of what I did today. I mean I kept on working for the rest of the time, and work was all nice and good, and the time went by insanely fast, you could say instanely fast, because it just flew by. After the short nap I took, which barely lasted any time at all, I went back into the office, well before I took an hour of break.

And when I got back, I was wide awake, ready to do more things. And so I kept on working. I would write more about what I did at work today, but it was basically very typical stuff. They just gave me some things to work on, some things to make, some things to fix, and I just went through the list getting them done. Most of those things I had no idea what to do, but I figured it out. There's this one super difficult assignment that I'm doing right now, that I got to start on last week, and that I'm still working on today. Basically I found a way for it to work, but for some reason it doesn't show unless you move the scroll bar, and then the fix shows. It's so freaking weird, and I have no idea how to update the display to make it show properly. UGH.

So now that's what I'm thinking about solving when I get to work tomorrow, because it's basically the last assignment for me. I had six assignments for me to work on that was assigned to me on Friday last week, I got 5 of them done today, although one of those five I actually could not do because I was not able to replicate the issue of what the case said, and now I have to implement this new feature that is a bit hard I admit. I think it's hard but who knows? I might just completely suck at this, but at the same time I think what I'm doing is moderately difficult, I mean a person knowing absolutely nothing would definitely get lost here at what I'm doing, but me, I'm surviving, I came in here not knowing what I was doing, but I'm surviving right now, I'm getting by, miraculously completing assignments and getting slightly more experience each time.

So I'm about halfway through my 5000 words, and man that is a lot of freaking words. I have nearly gone through my entire day so far. So I would take a break, I would stand, and I would look out the window, while pretending to drink water out of this mug. I mean I take tiny sips of it, but no one really should be standing for over 1 minute straight, drinking out of the same mug, unless they just drink very slowly or they just take sips every now and then. While standing up and sipping, I'm looking outside, and inside, right across from me, across this first window, is the kitchen. I look into the kitchen, and my eyesight is already blurry, there's this water machine that says "Quench" on it, but it's blurry as hell to me, like not even blurry, but weak. Like I barely see the letters.

So I just want to keep on standing up and testing my eyes against this "Quench" water machine and if I can no longer read it, then that would bring about some serious concern. I also take a look at the "138" room all the time, very often, like once every 10-15 minutes maybe, I just look up, and I look at this room number above the door that says 138, and it's very close by, so it's not like I'm benefiting much from it, but it's a little bit further than my computer, so that's great. It's very close by though, maybe 8 feet away, so it's really very close and that's the furthest thing I can see from when I'm sitting down.

Alright! I made it halfway through my journal so far! I'm now going to take a break, and I'm going to boil up some carrots for me to eat. Then I'm going to just keep on typing as they're boiling, and then once they're done boiling, hopefully I'm done with my 5000 words, and then I'm going to just go to sleep afterwards most likely, and then I'll plan on waking up tomorrow to upload my entries, if I wake up early enough, which should happen if I fall asleep early enough.

9:43 PM

Well I am cooking one carrot tonight. This is the first time in my entire life cooking carrots and they're so easy to cook. Are all plant foods literally this easy as hell to cook? It's the same exact way you cook potatoes, the same exact way you cook rice, quinoa, beans, lentils, etc. I asked my dad how to cook them, and he said to just put them in some water, and boil them for a minute, and that's it. Well the carrot should be there from the beginning I think, up until one minute after the boiling point, then it should be soft and very edible at that point.

So freaking easy to cook and so packed with nutrition. Like I said though, after I eat a carrot, I'm done for the night. I'm not going back on my computer until I go to sleep and wake up the next day. It's because I definitely do notice that things get blurry, maybe just because my eyes are starting to super adapt or something, I have no idea, but things just look so different after eating a bunch of orange foods, like Squash or Pumpkin or Carrots. This doesn't apply to actual oranges though, nothing happens with my vision after eating oranges, just after eating squash or pumpkin or carrots do I notice this.

But yeah, if this can help out my vision, then I will go for it.

So then work ended at around 5 PM, and that's when the server stopped working on me, or a few minutes before that. I have no idea what I did or of I broke something, but it just stopped functioning. What the hell. This sucks. I don't even know how to use the CVS on it, although I do know that it's GIT, I have not made any commits about anything, and therefore all of the fixes I made might now have to be redone. This sucks. This sucks big time.

So I have no idea what happened to the server again, but it just went offline. Ugh. This is so bad. I don't know how to restart it or anything so yeah. There were also some file changes I may have made to a file or two where I accidentally did Ctrl + F throughout the entire project, and it found like 30 files, and I had to close each one of them one by one, for some strange reason each one of them had this change where the string I searched for was erased and replaced with a big blank space, so then I kept closing each one of these windows one by one clicking on "Don't save" when it prompted me, but there were so many files, I may have saved one on accident. Shit. I have no idea which file that was and I'll perhaps never find out.

So then I left work at around 5:00 PM or maybe a few minutes later than that just because of me getting packed up and everything, oh yeah and I was stressed about the server not freaking working, so I stayed for a little bit longer, but I don't remember exactly how long. And then I went out to pick up my mom, it was all normal. Like, a normal, typical day, a normal typical drive. I picked up my mom, and then there was this one stop light where we were stopped for 2-3 rounds in, like it turned green 3 times before we went through, while we were waiting in line. We could have made it on the second try, but the person in front of us stayed stop for like 5 seconds after the light had gone green, and it turned yellow by the time he started moving and it turned red way before he crossed, so there we were, stuck again.

Then it happened again, when this bus this time actually ran a red light that was at least 1-2 seconds out. Lol. I got this all on my dashcam too though but it's not like I'm going to be reporting them or anything, who has the time for that? What good will come out of it, will there be any benefit to it at all?

Let me check my carrots. Err, my one carrot, and yes, it is done. I just turned the stove off, so now it's ready for me to eat. I'm just going to let it sit there for a while as I finish the rest of my words in tonight's journal entry. Yeah, and then we got home.

I was very hungry, so I started heating up some beans right away, and I prepared a kale and sweet potato chip salad and just started munching down while watching some educational health related YouTube videos. I got a little bit through my salad before the beans became ready themselves, so I prepared myself a plate of beans and brown rice and quinoa and flax seed, and then I ate that first, while putting the salad on the side. And then I finished my kale salad, and then I got a second serving of beans and rice, and then I ate some peanut butter to top it all off.

Then I was super bloated by the end. I felt my heart beat speed and blood pressure rise dramatically, this was not good. Even though I ate healthy foods, I had overeaten, I akin it to eating at a buffet, but a healthy buffet, if there were any. The ironic thing is that the foods I eat are ultra-cheap and are super healthy. That's perhaps the most ironic thing about all this, that the healthiest foods are the cheapest. I love it. I love the energy, intelligence, strength, and every other benefit that I get from eating the way I do. It feels great.

So then I lied down on the ground for a while, on my back, just with my eyes closed, and pillows covering my eyes, because I could not believe how full I was. But after like 20-30 minutes of lying on my back, I forced myself to get up and start walking outside. My stomach was still full at this point, so I made it a point to just walk the entire way through, that I didn't have to run at all, since my goal was 10k steps, not really that I ran. It was more important that I got 10k steps rather than running, and I didn't want to get a hernia anyway because I ate too much food and had everything spilling out.

Wow. I'm actually just 1300 words away from finishing tonight's entry, woohoo! That was actually a lot faster than I expected. I thought that it was going to take me a lot longer to write all of this. But I would say that the pace I wrote all of this in was at an intermediate or medium pace, it was nowhere near as fast as what I could type at. I mean if I really tried typing as fast as I could, then all my thoughts and words would be incoherent. Should I try it now? I'm not going to make any sense because I'm going to be typing in words as soon as they come to my mind and they may or may not make any sense.

Okay so here we go. Today I woke up and then I started walking outside, and I just kept on walking. This was in the afternoon after I had finished work and after I had eaten a lot of food. I checked the amount of steps I had taken for the day so far, and my pedometer said that I had taken around 1300 steps for that day. Great, I took that many steps simply from just walking around in the office or walking around to and from my car and maybe even in the car itself, because the pedometer actually works by measuring how much the thing goes up and down, rather than measuring any actual distance that I travelled.

So I probably did a bit of that while sitting down as well, but oh well. it was all up to the pedometer, it doesn't really matter if I did it all while sitting down, I just cared if I reached 10k steps or not. So then afterwards I just kept on walking and walking and I reached the forest. Now no one else was here, I walked through the entire distance, which took me around an hour to go from where I was to where the bridge was and a little bit passed it, and that took around 30 minutes, and then it was another 30 minutes to get out of the forest.

Now this is what really creeps me out. The fact that there's literally no other escape from here other than this one path, and I literally cannot get out of it faster 30 minutes unless I just fully outright sprinted out of there, and I was way too full to be doing any of that. So if there were literally any danger or anything like that to happen deep in the woods, I would pretty much be fucked. I mean why the hell do I even go in so deeply by myself all the time? Maybe it's even worse that I actually freaking write about it, I mean it's this scary ass place, very scary at night, maybe not in the morning, but at night when the sun goes down, and there's no sign of civilization around you for at least 30 minutes of feet travel, then yeah, that is scary as hell.

It's just me and the woods, it was just me and the woods for that entire hour. A little bit passed the bridge, there was a dead carcass somewhere, and it wreaked. The entire place smelled so bad, I had to use my shirt to cover my nose and avoid smelling all of that. I have smelled dead body before, and that's what it smelled like. There are quite a few places where you'd randomly run into a dead body of an animal, and this is what they would smell like, it smelled foul. There was no one freaking around me.

I did not encounter another soul in my entire venture through the woods. This is the first time I think, that that has ever happened. Even when I have gone in late, sometimes at 8:30 PM, deep inside of there, there would still be at least one person straggling to get out, just like I was. But today, I went in relatively early compared to that, I think I got out of the woods by around 8:30 PM, so I was at least 30 minutes ahead, and I did not see another freaking soul.

But anyway, and the end of the woods up to the 'checkpoint' that I reach, there's this crossing, just this path from a neighborhood down into a playground, and there's these two barriers that for no reason block the entrances to the woods on both sides. So imagine just walking through a forest and there's no civilization anywhere, but all of a sudden there's this gate railing that stops the path you're walking on, and then if you crossed around this railing, you would see this path intersecting from this affluent neighborhood on the right, down into a playground on the left. This is still deep in the woods, and there's just this random neighborhood there all of a sudden, it's pretty random.

But yeah, there's this random railing that kinda blocks off the entrance from the woods, so you have to cross two of them to get to the 'other side' of this path that goes from the neighborhood to the playground. Argh. It's hard to explain, especially when I'm not trying to explain it, and I'm just trying to go for the speed here. I think I am nearly done anyway, but I am not even sure, the corner of my screen is being blocked by something so I can't even know how much I have left.

So whatever, I do this 'figure 8' or 'infinity' path as I walk across the gates, I cross over the first gate by going to my left, and then I cross over the center, and I go through the other gate by going to my right, and then I turn around, and enter the other way, and yeah, I do this figure 8 going through these two gates. You have to walk around the gates to get passed them, and that's why there's these mud paths on the side that people always freaking use. I don't know why the path is randomly halted anyway, but oh well.

So I do that figure 8 and then I turn around, and then usually there's at least one or two people here, most of the time, in the playground area, but there was no one here today because it smelled like rotting corpse. I got out of there as quickly as I could, and I went back to the bridge. Normally there's also at least one or two people here, but there was no one. I freaking just tried to get out of there, and I took off my glasses so I could train them a bit while walking down this path. I could barely see anything, and it was such a terrible time for me. I hated being so freaking blind, I tried so hard and tried my best but I just could not see ahead that far.

Eventually I just kept on walking for what seemed like an eternity, it was really juts 20-30 minutes, and I finally got out of the woods, woohoo! Yeah, it's a real nightmare of a place to go through when it's getting dark and you're sprinting the hell out, or trying to spring the hell out, but you have so so so so so so so far left to go. Oh my gosh, it's a nightmare. I can't even begin to write about how scary that experience is, just trying to run and escape out of this place, but there's no way out, except running as fast as you can straight ahead, and it's dangerous to run in here too because there's lots of rocks and hills and valleys and uneven ground and other things.

Oh yeah, I had a battle with this mosquito today. She came out of freaking nowhere and chased me for a good 3 minutes. I missed killing her 3 times, first she went on my wrist, and I tried to smack her but she got away, then she disappeared, and I was so paranoid at this point I kept moving around and jumping around and waving my hands trying to get this mosquito away. Then after a few seconds of stopping, I saw it appear right underneath my vision, right up close to my glasses, and I smacked my face hard trying to get it, to nothing. Then I just kept on walking, and it tried to attack my wrist in the same spot as the first time again, and this time I smacked it hard, but I only ended up hitting my hand. Ugh! When did mosquito become so hard to kill?

Anyway, it met its end when as I was walking along, I felt some itchiness on my left upper arm, and then I quickly looked at it, saw this black thing sucking my blood, and I smacked it hard. It had been defeated. When thinking of this in a video game like term, and you could play as either myself as a character or this mosquito as a character, I deemed myself to be overpowered, and that humans were fucking overpowered. That thing, using all its might, could not even kill me... but I killed it using just a little bit of my power. It's so unfair. Humans are overpowered as fuck.

If life were a video game, choosing to become a human would be the same thing as activating all of the cheat codes.

And there we go, with that, I think I have 5000 words! Now I can finally eat my carrot and go to sleep. I'm not going to be looking at another computer screen again until tomorrow.

Tasks Today
Find out what happened to photos from May 9th through 11th
Upload 21 photos to Instagram
Work on Time Log app
List Courses To Take in Order
Sell Bike if Possible

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Did I write at least 5000 words in my journal today? Yes
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7:30 PM – Walking Outside – 9:03 PM

9:03 PM – Writing Journal – 9:36 PM

9:36 PM – Cooking Carrots – 9:43 PM

9:43 PM – Writing Journal – 10:15 PM

10:15 PM – Eating Carrot – 10:25 PM

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