Sunday, May 20th 2018

12:25 PM

I wasted yesterday, but I came up with an awesome idea this morning. I replaced the "Scorecard" items in my journal with much better questions, instead of really tracking how many steps or calories I ate in a day (the calories thing I always just guessed on anyway), I made them all default yes or no questions. Did I walk over 10,000 steps today? Then I don't care about what the exact number was, just whether I did it or not. I don't have annoyingly straddle to the kitchen to grab my phone and sonder on back to my desk and then unlock my phone and scroll to the left, and write the number down, then throw my phone somewhere, etc, anymore. It was annoying. Just yes or no questions, that simplifies everything.

Now those Yes and No questions don't appear in my task list. My task list would be completely different, and personalized for that day. My scorecard would just tell me if today was a 'great day' by definition. Hmm. I changed the first question up, instead of "Was today as productive as it could have been?" I made it "Was today better than yesterday?" And that could entail a whole multitude of properties outside the scope of how simply productive I was. If for example, some shit happened, but I got everything else done, then that doesn't necessarily mean that that day was better than yesterday, likewise I could get nothing done, but if something awesome happened, like I had sex or something, then I could say that day was maybe better than the day before.

Yeah. I like how that scorecard is set up now. It's set up to be nice and easy to follow, although 5000 words may seem like a shit ton, I think it's feasible. It'll be hard as balls, but feasible. In one day? Possibly. I think the longest journal I have ever written was under 5000 words, I don't even remember which one it was, and it would be so much easier to tell if I had everything listed in an organized format such as XML or JSON.

That's why I also put down in my backlog that I wanted to make some program that would convert my journal entries into JSON, and I'm not sure whether to make that in Python or JavaScript. It'll probably be easier in Python, but I'd be able to create a much better interface using JavaScript. I mean I started working on a timelog program in C# and I got through pretty nicely, but even with the Visual aspects of C# and the drag and drop builder, I feel like it'd be so much easier to do the same exact thing with JavaScript, as in, much faster.

Oh gosh, I've been writing for 10 minutes now and I have just barely under 600 words. So that means I would have to keep on writing for at least 2 hours a day in order for me to write over 5000 words, but there are actually days when I've written for 3+ hours and got under that. Because frequently I may have to pause or I may delete entire sentences or paragraphs after thinking about them, and my thoughts aren't always instantaneous nor am I fully accurate all the time in my typing, so there's typos, there's shit I wrote, and pauses to when I have to think, like I just deleted an entire sentence just now and no one would even know.

It's similar to painting on a canvas and whiting out or coloring over some mistakes you made, it was there, but it's gone now. I'm going to check on the beans that I started cooking.

12:47 PM

I just ate a handful of blackberries, a banana, and an orange, and I'm so full right now. This is my first meal of the day and I'm already stuffed. This is a small amount of food too, it's not a lot. But still, how many calories so far is this? Maybe 400 calories, maybe less? Let me check. 22 freaking calories for a handful of blackberries, 45 calories from 1 freaking orange, oh but 105 calories from 1 banana.

I love blackberries. I eat them to preserve and improve my vision, and I notice it happening all the time. My vision would go to shit, then I'd eat some blackberries and some kale (I've never tried eating these with carrots which is another food that supposedly improves vision), and boom I'd have restored vision, being able to see much better than just a week ago. It's amazing. Blackberries are expensive, the most expensive fruit I know of along with blueberries, but worth it, they're so worth it.

I don't know why I eat oranges or bananas, I just eat them because they're around. I guess the orange for the immunity, and the banana for the energy. I just definitely want blackberries though. I think the beans should be done by now.

Also I'm not sure what I'm going to write about, if I had to write 5000 words in a day describing that day. I can describe yesterday in just a few sentences for example, and that would be that. What I did yesterday was from midnight until 3 AM, I was at the DJ party or whatever, and then I drove two hours to get back home, then I immediately went to sleep. I had a few hours of productivity (if that) by catching up on my journal entries, and then I did nothing for the rest of the day, well I did do things, mainly watch videos and sometimes spend hours going through different videos, if I had to be honest, I did a regretful activity four times, I don't want to specifically say what it is/was, but my earlier journal entries would have a clue. This is the most regretful activity for me, and I wanted to actually spend some time walking outside that day, but no, I spent it indoors the entire time.

My beans should be done by now.

12:57 PM

No my beans are not done yet, weird. Also there is this strange noise coming from my laptop. I'm going to restart to make sure nothing's wrong.

1:01 PM

Oh great there's something wrong with one of my fans. It might be because my laptop is always tilted upwards, I put it on this diagonal stand. I think that's mainly it, no other reason I can come up with. My other laptop's fans also became messed up because of this, and I knew it was because of placing it diagonally like that, in maybe a 35% or so degree angle, really high, it makes typing on it feel a lot more natural over having it flat on the desk. And I knew my other laptop's fans started malfunctioning because of this, but because this laptop was newer, I thought it may have been fixed or something, but it hasn't been.

Now that the laptop has been placed flatly on the desk, there's no more strange noise, and the fans aren't even rotating that fast in comparison.

I'm just waiting right now for the beans to finish cooking, and then I'm going to eat food. I should take a walk for a few hours after that, to get at least 10k steps. And maybe work on that time log program, and then catch up on my Instagram photos later tonight. Yeah. I have today much more planned than yesterday, and the day is only halfway through, so I can still get a lot done, I think. I'm pretty sure.

But yeah I'm going to have to write another 3600 words today, and I'm already pretty much fresh out of ideas on what to write about next. I mean that's it, that's pretty much all I have to say. Maybe I'm just bored or tired, but I don't feel like thinking too much or writing about anything that crazy.

I have been thinking about life and what I would be like when I was 30. There's so much I want to get done before then, but I realize that I waste my time on a daily basis, and that won't work. If I get to 30 doing exactly what I did yesterday, I'd probably be dead before reaching that age. I did nothing, in fact I drained myself four times which is nearly a record. Man. This is why I need to better track my hours, and I could have, but I didn't.

Time to check on my beans again.

1:12 PM

How are they not ready yet?! I'm going to wash some dishes in the meantime because there's a ton of them I left in my room from literally just yesterday. Let me count. 12 plates are in my room from one day ago. It was clean on Friday night and early Saturday morning, it did not fill up with this many dishes until I kept eating a bunch of food in my room yesterday, and I eat a large amount of food, which I need to stop doing.

1:27 PM

Well the dishes are finally done, but I realize that I'm not that hungry anymore. The fruit I ate today might've been enough. It feels like they were enough, but I still should eat. My body is sore from over 5 hours of exercise from yesterday and Friday, and the four times I did it yesterday. I feel drained. I'm so tired but I can't go to sleep or take a nap because I'm so sore, lying down feels soring, sitting down feels soring, and I don't feel like eating any food. But I'm going to eat some food anyway, then I'm going to walk outside for several hours, screw it.

11:50 PM

I just read some very motivational material and today has been a good day. I exercised for over two hours, I put down that I just walked the entire time, but I jogged and ran in there as well. There was this secluded area in the forest or "woods" that I went into, and it's this wildlife reserve area that no one else goes into. Usually people walk or jog just right up to the entrance, and then they turn around, as I've seen so many people doing this already, but I went inside (the first time I went inside was last week I think).

The first time I went last week, it was deserted. Absolutely no one and no wildlife out there, and the path was just this very not so often trodden looking path, it was grassy with just a little bit of dirt taken out by the vehicles that drove through for some reason. I walked through it last week for about 30-40 minutes and went very far in, I didn't see any sign of civilization inside of it, so it got more frightening the further I went in because I feared I could get lost and it would take me an hour to walk back, so I walked back.

We had that recent storm this Wednesday or Thursday I think, or maybe that was last week? Anyway, a lot of the muddy areas there were flooded today, and to get across some of the small formed ponds, I had to grab some sticks and throw them in to form a path. This took like 30 minutes for me to get through one particular pond near the entrance, and I had tried three alternate paths, one trying to go straight across but that was not feasible because of the water, I tried the left side of the path going deep into the woods and trying to walk back out into the path further ahead, but again I was blocked off by water and on this side trees and bushes, then I tried the right side, where it was muddy but the water was a bit shallower, which is where I started throwing sticks to form a tiny bridge.

I didn't throw tiny sticks either, they were huge sticks, some had fungus growing on them, some I needed two hands to lift and carry over. And they weren't just conveniently lying around either, some I had to pull off of dead trees, others I had to walk a far distance to get to, but I kept going around and throwing sticks at this pond until this vague bridge appeared and I walked through it, I got my shoes and socks a little bit wet, but not as much as if I had just plunged straight in.

Then I continued on the journey. As I was walking I encountered another but smaller pond this time, and it was easy to get across by going to the far left, and going behind the trees, and getting through, but I had to care for the vines and branches from the plants in the way. As I was slowly getting across, I was so surprised, since I was listening to some audio, I couldn't even hear anyone approaching, but there was this attractive young woman on a jog, she looked like she was a freshman or sophomore in college, a little bit younger than me, independent and doing her own thing, that's the assumption I made from her being in this area that I've never seen anyone else go into.

I looked to my right as I was on the side of the pond struggling to get across behind these trees and bushes, and she was wearing this purple volleyball looking athletic shirt, and short shorts, and she was this attractive, heavy, brunette. Not heavy in a bad way, but in an athletic attractive way, and she was also tan. She waved at me as we made eye contact, and I had no idea if she said anything or not due to my headphones, but I just waved back to show my friendliness. I looked ahead and just jumped through the bush in front of me, feeling sort of rushed and slow, shocked that someone was able to get passed that large freaking pond I spent 30 minutes trying to get across so quickly.

I'll continue this in the next day's entry.

Tasks Today
Catch up and upload my Photos
Work on Timer Tracker program

Full list in the Extended Backlog page

Was today better than yesterday? Yes
Did I take over 10,000 steps today? Yes
Did I program a little today? No
Did I eat under 2000 calories today? No
Did I write at least 5000 words in my journal today? No
Did I take and upload my daily photos for today? No
Did I upload yesterday's journal entries today? No

Time Log

12:00 AM – Untracked – 12:25 PM

12:25 PM – Writing Journal – 12:37 PM

12:37 PM – Checking Beans – 12:38 PM

12:38 PM – Eating Fruit – 12:47 AM

12:47 AM – Writing Journal – 12:56 PM

12:56 PM – Checking Beans – 12:57 PM

12:57 PM – Writing Journal – 12:58 PM

12:58 PM – Restarting – 1:01 PM

1:01 PM – Writing Journal – 1:10 PM

1:10 PM – Checking Beans – 1:12 PM

1:12 PM – Writing Journal – 1:14 PM

1:14 PM – Washing Dishes – 1:27 PM

1:27 PM – Writing Journal – 1:30 PM

1:30 PM – Wasting Time – 1:34 PM

1:34 PM – Preparing Food – 1:38 PM

1:38 PM – Eating Food – 1:50 PM

1:50 PM – Browsing Internet – 4:50 PM

4:50 PM – Preparing to Exercise – 5:10 PM

5:10 PM – Walking Outside – 7:12 PM

7:12 PM – Shower – 7:35 PM

7:35 PM – Eating Food – 7:50 PM

7:50 PM – Wasting Time – 9:50 PM

9:50 PM – Reading – 11:50 PM

11:50 PM – Writing Journal – 11:59 PM

Productive Hours (5:00)
Writing Journal (0:45)
Washing Dishes (0:13)
Walking Outside (2:02)
Reading (2:00)

Neutral Hours (13:56)
Untracked (12:25)
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Eating Fruit (0:10)
Restarting (0:03)
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Unproductive Hours (5:04)
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Browsing Internet (3:00)

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