Sunday, May 13th 2018

9:44 AM

If there's sometimes times when I would track even the second, it's because I worked on for a few hours, a new program that allows you to record your time. It was super freaking easy to make. It's not even done yet, and I should definitely continue working on it, but for right now it can actually track your time and do time ins and time outs. It was so surprisingly easy to make.

I'm so behind in my journal entries and my photo log. I'm hungry this morning and my body was sore when I woke up for some reason, despite not at all exercising yesterday. I was just around the block of a huge car crash yesterday while I was cleaning my car with my dad at a gas station place that allows you to do that. I also went to a Microsoft code camp event where a bunch of speakers talk about random tech related things that are the latest at the time. Right now these things are the latest, I know in just a few months they'll eventually be outdated.

I had more than 8 hours of sleep last night which was great. It's been such a long time since I had that much sleep, I'd normally have just a few hours.

Today I'm going to spend it catching up on everything from exercise to my finances to my journal entries to my photo log. I also need to study AngularJS for my job. I need to learn that by this weekend, so I'm going to have to work on that as well for many many hours or else it won't be effective. I told them I would study it over the weekend, and I didn't even spend anytime yesterday working on it.

So I'm now going to update my tasks for today to make it clear what I need to get done.

5:53 PM

Well I said I wanted to study AngularJS for at least 8 hours today, but that's not going to be possible now considering the time. Even if I studied for 8 hours straight, that would mean I would have to study until 2 AM, which sucks, because I'm going to have to wake up at 7 AM or so, which means only 5 hours of sleep. I need a lot more sleep.

On everything else though, I have done a really good job of everything else today. I got so many things done. I could actually do this every day, I don't find it hard at all. So why don't I? I'm going to adjust my "Tasks Today" template and improve upon it. I'll try to do more little things a day rather than trying to do so many harder things.

11:51 PM

Oh gosh I had 6 hours to do anything, and I didn't do anything. I just watched videos for 6 hours straight. Well, I also ate food during that time, I might've done some web browsing too, but wow. That's so much time gone. I could have been doing actual work instead. Man. Today could have been an awesome day, but no.

So now I'm going to just study AngularJS until I fall asleep. I'm not sure when that will be, but that's what needs to happen now. I'm going to spend the rest of the time today timing out, and then I'll do some AngularJS.

Tasks Today
Clean Up Room
Catch up on Journal Entries
Delete all photos from my phone except recent
Catch up on Photo Log
Catch up on Finances
Study AngularJS for at least 4 hours

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Time Log

12:00 AM – Sleep – 9:18 AM

9:18 AM – Bathroom – 9:28 AM

9:28 AM – Random – 9:41 AM

09:41:47 AM - Catching Up Journals - 09:44:34 AM

09:44:34 AM - Writing Journal - 09:51:12 AM

09:51:12 AM - Updating Today's Tasks - 09:53:51 AM

09:53:51 AM - Catching Up on Journal Entries - 10:39:35 AM

10:39:35 AM - Converting Journal Entries - 11:00:23 AM

11:00:23 AM - Uploading Journal Entries - 11:03:37 AM

11:03:37 AM - Preparing Food - 11:12:07 AM

11:12:07 AM - Eating Food - 11:20:49 AM

11:20:49 AM - Preparing Food - 11:23:45 AM

11:23:45 AM - Eating Food - 11:42:50 AM

11:42:50 AM - Watching Videos - 12:03:32 PM

12:03:32 PM - Catching up on Finances - 12:31:12 PM

12:31:12 PM - Deleting Old Photos - 12:53:14 PM

12:53:14 PM - Adding New Photos - 12:57:48 PM

12:57:48 PM - Creating Photo Layouts - 01:05:22 PM

01:05:22 PM - Changing Clothes - 01:09:32 PM

01:09:32 PM - Mother's Day Lunch - 03:01:36 PM

03:01:36 PM - Preparing to Walk Outside - 03:31:43 PM

03:31:43 PM - Walking Outside - 05:51:58 PM

05:51:58 PM - Break - 05:53:01 PM

05:53:01 PM - Writing Journal - 05:55:53 PM

05:55:53 PM - Improving Tasks Today Template - 06:12:19 PM

06:12:19 PM - Watching Videos - 11:51:34 PM

11:51:34 PM - Writing Journal - 11:53:08 PM

11:53 PM – Timing Out – 11:59 PM

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Catching up on Journal Entries (0:44)
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Catching up on Finances (0:28)
Deleting Old Photos (0:22)
Adding New Photos (0:04)
Creating Photo Layouts (0:08)
Walking Outside (2:20)
Improving Tasks Today Template (0:17)
Timing Out (0:06)

Neutral Hours (11:56)
Sleep (9:18)
Bathroom (0:10)
Preparing Food (0:12)
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