Saturday, May 12th 2018

12:00 AM

Whew, still 12:00 AM. Anyway, one of my earlier entries recalls what I did in 2015, let me just get it.

Yeah. Basically the same as what I already wrote, but it was definitely an awesome year. Come to think of it, 2014 was also awesome. 2016 was not bad, but in 2017 other than my trip to Europe, was forgettable. Those years went by so fast.

I'm so sleepy now. So sleepy. I want to just sleep. And to think that while at work, I imagined myself being able to make a few video tutorials to teach what I've learned. Instead though I came back home, deliberately wasted my time (literally spending time browsing the Internet or watching stupid videos while in full awareness realizing the time was going). I wasn't so tired then, although I didn't get that much sleep, I woke up in a perfect spot in the REM cycle where I didn't feel tired or groggy or grouchy. I felt great this morning despite barely getting any sleep and I felt great throughout the day, it was weird.

I haven't been getting any of the right amounts of sleep for work by the way. I would get around 5-6 hours on average of sleep daily. Sometimes 4 hours. And I stay at work for 9 hours, I skip lunch, I do go to the bathroom and grab some water every now and then, but still it's basically me sitting in front of a computer for 9 hours daily, no complaints from me though since I'm having a blast.

I can't even believe that entire day went by today with me working hard and effectively. I was just right there, and boom, typing away, solving problems I run into after thinking about them for a while, etc. it was such a god time. I can't even believe how fast it went by, today was one of my most productive days so far, the hours go by a lot faster when you're distracted by what you're doing.

I am so sleepy now that I'm about to pass out. I'm going to sleep.

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Clean Up Room
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Web Development for an hour
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