Friday, May 11th 2018

11:31 PM

People's expectations of the future are clouded by their perceptions of the present. People seem to think that the current moment's flaws and specialties will be present in the future. This is why any kind of movie or show from 2005 and earlier (before smartphones became a thing), depict the future to have, for example, staticky large monitor screens that aren't that colorful or human-only controlled heavy industrial mechanical tools and vehicles (as if AI didn't exist in the future).

I can definitely see it in all of the depictions of the future from the earlier years. People seem to think that the future is exactly like it is now, except basically a different world because of how the environment has changed drastically and how the technology is supposedly magnitudes better (but it's basically their current technology, upgraded). Like laptops. I mean I imagine in the future everyone would still be using laptops. I imagine myself to still be using a laptop.

What could even replace it? What, if anything, could replace this awesome machine? I went to CES 2014 and at the time that was the future. My mind was completely blown by all the technology presented over there, it was so incredibly amazing. All of that stuff is old now! Oh man. It's so old. It was still the latest and greatest at the time though. Seriously. It was an amazing time. It feels exactly like today, except the technology isn't quite as good as today, not that I notice any difference really.

I mean if I were to be transported back to CES 2014 from today (an impossibility) I'd feel like it was just another walk through a tech store or something, it wouldn't feel like I was experiencing the future, which is what I felt like at the time. I saw so many things, I saw laser keyboards, color and pattern changing keyboards, the latest mice, the latest graphics cards, the latest cars (the BMW i3 which was like $96k at the time, stood out), I even went to a Bitcoin booth in freaking January 2014 and had a chat with so many people there, I took a few videos as well and put them up online, and saw the first Bitcoin ATM machine, and one of the guys from was there and he had 63k bitcoins which I saw on his computer which he left open for no reason, I heard so many stories, everyone at the time was an 'early adopter' including myself but even I didn't know it since there was already so many in the community, oh well, it was such a fun time.

But the future... 4 years from then... I actually thought anything was possible. So many things have changed. I've gone through several job positions since then: web master (self-employed), app developer (self-employed), app builder (first company), technical designer (promoted), solutions engineer (promoted) and now I'm a web developer at my second company. I've made thousands of friends and talked to so many freaking people (all of them have basically gone now though), I got to see many famous people in real life as an invited all-access pass wielder at a movie festival, I got to go on so many adventures, I've been to six countries (including this one) since then, I've been to who knows how many states, I've attended 2 universities, I've gone on several dates with several girls, I bought my first car at 21 and it was brand new, phew. Oh man. So many events. Oh, yeah, 2015, so many things happened that year.

That was the most remarkable year I can recall lately. I think I went out with 3 girls that 1 freaking year, I went to the Philippines, I moved to a new city, I sold my old car and bought a new one (after a few months), I got my first kiss on that first date which I was asked out to, I lots my grandfather, I lost one of my websites, I got banned from my webhost (separate events probably months apart), I lost around 40 pounds (in a few months), I'd sing and run in the gym at night time at midnight, I made hundreds of friends, my parents went to the Philippines 3 times, I threw my first party when my parents were gone and people passed out drunk at my place including myself that was one of my first times drinking, I had another entire week when my parents were gone, I became employed full time and got promoted, etc.

That year was amazing. There's so much more, hard to recall everything now. I'm going to continue writing on the next day's entry because it's already 12:00 AM now.

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