Sunday, May 6th 2018

11:50 AM

I am tired. I'm installing Heroes of the Storm again. Last night I spent three hours walking outside, and I woke up this morning with my body sore. I also did around 20 push-ups, and I attempted some pull ups, and I walked for three hours in very uncomfortable shoes. For some reason my body is sore. I didn't do that much yesterday, maybe I just slept in a bad position? But I feel terrible.

I hung out with a friend, and we walked for several hours, just talking about things and life in general. I know I shouldn't be playing this game again. I shouldn't be playing any games. But I feel like it's either this, or nothing. It doesn't make any sense. I think I just want to have it installed, but then I'll quit right away? I don't want to waste my time or my life playing this game, that's for sure. Umm. Yeah. Maybe I shouldn't be installing this again.

I'm having seconds thoughts about installing it, but what other form of entertainment can I have? Obviously I know there's so many things to do in a day, there's so many things I need to do and so many things I can do. So many things. But when I'm sore like this, and I'm not in the mood. What can I do? I can procrastinate by wasting my time browsing the Internet, or doing some other activities like watching videos, but those are just as equally unproductive, right? I could draw, but drawing is hard for me. I could study, but again, it's hard for me, well, not really. I love studying what I'm currently studying. I love it. I should be doing that instead.

But my body is sore, I'm not thinking right. I just want to lie down and sleep? But I'm a wake? So it's better if I play a game? That doesn't make any sense. Anyway, I'm going to start working on the website again. Hopefully this will distract me long enough before I ever even play the game. I'm going to work on the website and work on uploading my previous day's entries, and then work on uploading my daily photos that I haven't done in a while. Here we go.

1:53 PM

Whoops. The web host that I have did not automatically renew, and so my account was suspended. Oops. I mean it wasn't my fault? But when I visit the site now, it says that my account was suspended. I panicked at first, thinking "oh no, what did I do wrong?" and then it turns out it was just this minor thing where I didn't pay the subscription fee. I received 4-5 emails already saying that I was charged an amount and that the hosting was automatically renewed, but neither were true? Weird. I think their system messed up.

Either way, I have to either find a new host, or renew this one.

2:06 PM

Okay, I did some research, like a very teeny tiny amount of research, and decided to use the normal shared hosting again. I would eventually like to upgrade to a dynamic dedicated host server, but I don't know how to use that yet, so for now, I'm going to just rely on this. This will keep the website up and running, and in the meantime, I can learn how to use something like a web host server.

All of the journal entries that I worked on today, I had to manually update and upload. These were all done by hand. They're not dynamic pages at all, they're static pages. Every single page on this site. That's not good. It's hard to edit, hard to manage, hard to keep track of. I have so many journal entries that this process needs to change, but for now, this is what I have and this is what I'm working with.

I don't know how expensive it is to use a different kind of host either. Since I don't know how much expenses using a dynamic server will cost me, I'm going to stick with this kind of shared hosting for now.

2:22 PM

Oh yeah. I DID IT! I caught up on my journal entries. That took a few hours, I thought it would take an entire day. But I did it. Did it. Oh yeah. Man. That didn't take quite as long as I expected, nor was it as hard as I imagined it.

I now have to catch up on my photos as well. Yeah. I'm going to clean up my room, and then work on backing up all of my photos on my phone, and then deleting them all except for the most recent ones (the past 2 weeks) and then uploading the most recent photos that I have. There we go. That's the plan.

First clean my room, then back up photos, then upload photos (maybe later tonight). I don't like uploading my photos during normal hours, because I feel like I spam on so many people's accounts, because I would upload maybe 30 photos in one sitting, and this would just flood everyone's log, so I prefer to do it during the late or very hours when no one else is awake (in my region anyway).


2:37 PM

My mom called me a snake this morning, as I was lying on the ground prone in front of my laptop. I asked her what she meant, and she pointed at the pair of pants lying behind me. She said I was a snake because it looks like I molted with my clothes on the ground. The past week I haven't been cleaning my room, I have been throwing my clothes and other things randomly around everywhere.

Today I cleaned up my room again, nice and spotless. It looks great. I don't feel much of a benefit with it being clean and it being not clean, just that it being clean, it looks a lot nicer. Maybe things are more organized. It's not a game breaking change.

Now I'm going to eat some food, maybe play some games. Then work on backing up my phone. Or actually, a better idea would be to back up my phone first, because I know it will take quite some time, and then while it's backing up, to make food, eat food, play games, whatever. Yeah.

Tasks Today
Clean Up Room
Clean Up Desktop
Organize Computer Files
Catch Up On Journal Entries
Catch Up on Photos for the Day

Update Website
Study Web Development
More in the Extended Backlog page

Steps Taken: 12990
Lines of Code: 50+
Calories Consumed: 2000+
Journal Words: 1075
Drawings: 0

Time Log

12:00 AM – Walking Outside – 1:00 AM

1:00 AM – Untracked – 10:14 AM

10:14 AM – Wasting Time – 11:50 AM

11:50 AM – Writing Journal – 11:56 AM

11:56 AM – Working on Website – 12:34 PM

12:34 PM – Converting Previous Days' Journal Entries – 1:53 PM

1:53 PM – Writing Journal – 1:55 PM

1:55 PM – Updating Hosting – 2:06 PM

2:06 PM – Writing Journal – 2:09 PM

2:09 PM – Uploading Files – 2:22 PM

2:22 PM – Writing Journal – 2:26 PM

2:26 PM – Cleaning Room – 2:37 PM

2:37 PM – Writing Journal – 2:41 PM

2:41 PM – Backing Up Phone – 2:42 PM

2:42 PM – Preparing Food – 2:44 PM

2:44 PM – Playing Games – 2:47 PM

2:47 PM – Preparing Food – 2:48 PM

2:48 PM – Playing Games – 6:48 PM

6:48 PM – Break – 7:18 PM

7:18 PM – Preparing to Exercise – 7:25 PM

7:25 PM – Exercising – 8:26 PM

8:26 PM – Preparing Food – 8:36 PM

8:36 PM – Hanging with Dad – 8:53 PM

8:53 PM – Break - 9:01 PM

9:01 PM – Development – 9:06 PM

9:06 PM – Backing Up Phone – 9:20 PM

9:20 PM – Development – 9:38 PM

9:38 PM – Preparing Food – 9:45 PM

9:45 PM – Eating Food – 9:55 PM

9:55 PM – Break – 10:21 PM

10:21 PM – Development – 11:37 PM

11:37 PM – Resting – 11:59 PM

Productive Hours (6:46)
Walking Outside (1:00)
Writing Journal (0:19)
Working on Website (0:38)
Converting Previous Days' Journal Entries (1:19)
Updating Hosting (0:11)
Uploading Files (0:13)
Cleaning Room (0:11)
Backing Up Phone (0:15)
Exercising (1:01)
Development (1:39)

Neutral Hours (11:34)
Untracked (9:14)
Preparing Food (0:20)
Break (1:04)
Preparing to Exercise (0:07)
Hanging with Dad (0:17)
Eating Food (0:10)
Resting (0:22)

Unproductive Hours (5:36)
Wasting Time (1:36)
Playing Games (4:03)

Megg's Horses
Math: 0
Art: 8
Python: 7
Web Development: 116
Java: 0
JavaScript: 2
PHP: 4
C#: 1
General Programming: 8
Exercise: 25
Game Development: 4