Sunday, April 29th 2018

12:45 PM

I haven't written here in a while. Several things happened since Friday. First, I got a job offer as a web developer and can start Tuesday! Woohoo! To celebrate I hung out with a friend and we went out to the city planning to go to some bars and clubs. We went to one bar and tried to get into a club but I was wearing a hoodie and sneakers and wasn't allowed in for that. Afterwards we got back to the train station at around 12 AM, and I was going to drive him home, but I drank one beer two hours ago, and I still felt a little bit tipsy from it so we got into a lengthy conversation about using a ride sharing service and I would pay for it, he kept saying to just drive because it was around just a mile or two away.

Anyway, I ended up winning since it was my car, and we got an uber, I was paying for it anyway. The uber ride was only $7 but he sent me a paypal link to pay for $11? Alright... I didn't want to go with him to his house, I would rather have just stayed in the car for a few hours until I became sober again, but for some reason he wanted me to come along, so I came along. We went to his house, and in less than a minute he said he was just going to sleep because he was tired, so I lied down on the floor and charged my phone for around 20-30 minutes before leaving and turning off the lights and locking the doors since he was asleep.

That walk was grueling. I started walking at around 1 AM and it was a lot further than I expected. It was so cold that night, and I was also sweating, so I could feel the cold wind pierce through my thin jacket and it would be freezing hitting the wet parts of my shirt. I was also wearing some uncomfortable shoes, they were sneakers, but badly made, and shoes I bought in the Philippines actually, so they were not fun to wear at all, it felt stiff and it was annoying to walk. Still, I drudged on. There was almost no one driving out that night, and man, I felt a tinge of what people who have to travel miles a day walking experienced.

When I got to the car I was so relieved. I took around 6000 steps and it took me roughly 56 minutes for the walk according to my phone. Whew. It was so close by if you drove, like I said it was just 1-2 miles away, but walking, in the cold, at night, it took an hour for me to get back to the train station so I could get to my car. I finally felt sober enough to drive though and so I drove home. Along the way there was this one stop sign that I was going to make a right turn at, but I remembered it was a "No Turn on Red" intersection, and so I stopped. I didn't want to get pulled over by a cop and caught with anything above 0.0 on my blood alcohol levels.

I stopped at the stop light, and I made a turn signal as if I were about to turn. I was still completely stopped though. Not like I was paying attention, but five seconds later this random cop car just shows up in front of me going the left perpendicular direction to where I was facing. I inferred that he was waiting at this stop light, to catch anyone that would have made this turn on red, and a lot of people do. I see it happening in broad daylight all the time, it must happen a lot more frequently at night. But considering I walked an entire hour just because I still felt a little bit tipsy from one beer three hours ago, I wasn't going to just go through this red light.

This incident reminded me of a few other lucky incidents that happened very recently. One was when I avoided getting hit by two cars, when I accidentally ran a red light still at speed limit speeds, they braked right in the middle of the road to avoid hitting me inches away, I could not see their tires or their license plates looking to the right outside the passenger window because they were so close the door obscured my view. HOLY. CRAP. That was so freaking scary. They were moving and they just braked, in the middle of the road, while I just flew through. They honked as I passed. If they were on their phones or they didn't see me or any number of reasons, just one millisecond later I would have been hit, I was literally inches away from them. The passenger side of the car would have been slammed into, and who knows how much damage I would have had to pay and also the insurance cost increase, someone would have gotten seriously hurt, and a bunch of other things. That was so close. That was so close.

Another lucky random incident was really minor, I was just driving to work and I was stopped at this stop light I always stop at. To the left there was this hospital with a bunch of cars in the parking lot, it was filled. This was the same parking lot I parked in back when I got my kidney stone surgery in 2014, and there was an old lady there who forgave me for accidentally scratching her car with my car as I was parking, luckily there was snow and I was able to wipe out a lot of the white residue car paint from her car with liquid from the melted snow, and she came back to me writing a note for my contact information and just forgave me, but that's not what I wanted to mention. What I wanted to mention was that while stopped at the parking lot, I was filled with despair from going back to work and I wanted a sign that I was still going down the right path, that serendipity was still with me, and so I just chose a random car to look at in the parking lot, and I was like 'please give me a sign' and stared at this one car out of hundreds of other cars, and it's not like I could see anyone or anything in it at all since I was far away and the windows were tinted, and I didn't see any cars moving in or out, but as I was staring and thinking these thoughts, someone opened the door and got out. Then the light turned green. And I was like, wow. Awesome. That really happened.

Another event was in 2015 as I was going home from college, it was dark and raining outside. I was playing around with my phone for no reason, it was so freaking stupid of me, but yeah I was going full speed towards this stop light that I saw ahead, and yeah I thought there weren't any cars in front, so I didn't stop braking until I was very close to the light, as if the lane was empty. Then suddenly I just looked up and I saw this red in front of me, and instinctively I realized there was a huge line of cars ahead, and at my current speed I would slam right in front of the car ahead of me, like slam into it hard. Holy. Crap. I was sooo panicked I applied brakes right away and pushed as hard, as hard as I could. The brakes locked, or it just went to the point where I could not push any harder, the freaking rain and the slipping tires might've caused it to just lock up like that (the car had ABS), but wow. I just remember pushing as hard, as hard as I could in front of those brakes and praying as hard as I could to avoid hitting the car in front. Luckily. Luckily. So freaking luckily, I was probably less than an inch away from hitting it when the car went out to a stop. That was the closest I have ever, ever been to a car, and I'm sure if I got out, and measured the exact distance between this car and that car, it would be an inch. I have parked one inch away from walls before and can do it pretty well, so I can tell the distance well, this was an inch close. It was so freaking close.

Another near accident was when I was with my mom and we were driving home from work after I picked her up, and the person a few cars ahead stopped really fast without any warning from a stop light turning yellow. Normally and more safely, he should have just kept going through since he was close, but he came to a solid stop, and the person in front of me was also caught off guard, I couldn't even see that many cars ahead and I had no idea of the situation, the only thing I saw was that the car in front of me stopped but he started swerving crazily almost out into the grass while coming to that stop. And then I realized I was still going at full speed, and there was no time to brake. If I kept going straight I would have smashed into the car, brakes would not have helped at all since the distance was so close, so I just, without even looking, switched lanes to my right, and that was how I avoided hitting the car in front of me. Luckily there was no one there. I still had a hard time coming to a full stop even though the lane I switched to had less cars, so I had more safe stopping distance I controlled. Oh my gosh. That so freaking close.

Another time was when I was behind this SUV in the highway. I couldn't see in front of me, because I was behind this other vehicle, and I wasn't super close, but it was just a normal drive. This guy out of nowhere switches lanes, so casually and so calmly without even braking. As soon as he switched lanes, I saw in front there was this huge dump truck stopped in the lane I was in with hazard lights on, and I was barreling towards it. This came out of freaking nowhere. I had to switch lanes or else hit it, because brakes would not have helped. No. I was close to it, the asshole in front literally switched lanes almost right in front of it. and I could not switch lanes to the left because there were cars there!! There was a car directly to my left apparently. What was very fortunate was that this car changed lanes out of nowhere, just felt like it for no reason, and because of that I was saved, I switched into the left lane, and felt so relieved. Fuck. Fuck. That was so close.

There have been other cases I'm sure, but they're pretty hard to recall when you don't think about them often. Hmm... I'm not sure if there are any more that I can remember. So yeah that's pretty much life and that's how it goes.

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