Monday, April 23rd 2018

8:26 AM

So yes, I really did spend more 16+ hours yesterday playing games, and then spent another 2 hours later on playing even longer. I didn't browse the Internet, study, watch videos, or anything else, during the time yesterday where I wrote in the time log "playing games". I played only Heroes of the Storm and managed to get to level 52 since I downloaded the game on Thursday night. So that's level 52 in around 3 days, which I guess isn't that impressive.

You only get levels for, basically, the games you win, because you only get some EXP for games you lose. I played around 85 games in total during that time period and my win/loss rate was around 55%. It did drop to around 47% though.

During my time playing I became proficient and good at the game. I was able to hold my own, depending on the hero I chose, and was able to destroy other players as well. Yeah I became quite good, especially with this character called Li Ming which was a healer character. I think I won 7 games in a row with her, teaming up with this Cho'Gall character that I just kept healing as he fought and threw himself into battle at his opponents. That was so much fun. We played against very good players and destroyed them.

The more you win and level up the stronger the opponents you'll face. The Cho'Gall I was teamed with had a 70%+ winning streak (thanks to me as well since he only had like 15 games or so total even with me playing). That was so much fun. We won every game and destroyed every opponent, completely annihilated them. Most of the time they couldn't even destroy a single one of our Forts while we destroyed all theirs. In maybe 4 games, I died 0 times, and got assists for more than 25 kills. I got MVP many times playing those games as healer.

Gosh that was so incredibly fun, that's why I couldn't stop playing. I really hate wasting time, and those several days straight of playing was a huge waste of time. My eyesight would become blurry and it would be hard to see even the screen at around 6-8 hours of playing straight, but I still kept on going... I drank grape juice and ate a lot of kale in order to protect my vision. I took a B12 pill as well, and I would've eaten carrots if we had some. Yeah I know how to take care of my health and literally cure myself from a lot of things just by eating food.

I also know that exercising is super important, and that I need to be thin if I want to have lower cancer rates, lower diabetes rates, lower mortality rates, lower blood pressure, etc, etc. I know how to lose weight. I know it's not that hard. Yeah. I know all these things, but I waste my freaking time. It's really a shame. I have a lot of knowledge, I'm able to learn, able to come up with ideas, able to do a lot of different things, but I lose out to addiction or procrastination.

I noticed myself change in the game though. At first, as a healer for example, I kept on spamming the heal spells as soon as their cooldown ended and I thought that was the right thing to do to make me a good healer. By my 'end game' mode, which was last night, I was a lot more calm with the healing. I wouldn't spam pressing the keys anymore, instead I was a lot more calculated, I'd press the heal button just once after the cooldown ended, and I'd cast it. As soon as the spell cast, I had an internal timer, I'd look around the map and observe and do other things while the internal timer in my head calculated how much time was left.

And then I'd cast again. And I'd change my actions depending on the circumstances, like if there was a low health hero, I'd attack or use the one offensive spell I had. If I was getting hit, I'd move away, and so on. Gosh, that games was so fun. Writing about it makes me want to play it again. Although for my sake, it's better not to.

Also it turns out I missed three days of journal entries thanks to that freaking game. I also installed Warcraft 3 and played it for a while, but that was only on Thursday night. On Friday morning throughout the day, on Saturday throughout the day, and on Sunday throughout the day, I played only Heroes of the Storm. Who knew such a stupid freaking game with its very simplistic rules could be so addicting. I like its rules a lot better than Dota and LoL because it's so much easier to play. There's more effort on fighting and trying to survive and all that, rather than having a memory of which items to get, etc. it's a lot more beginner friendly basically.

So I already quit a few games since I started this journal, well, I actually also started playing them too, as soon as I started this journal. But I'm now done playing MapleStory, I'm done playing Dota 2. And I don't think I will ever be playing them for the rest of my life. I'm also done with Warcraft 3. I'm glad I got to experience it again, but it honest wasn't as great as I remembered, I wrote about it being so great and all, and it definitely was the best game of all time, but it feels so uninspiring playing it recently, it felt and played old.

I was actually very scared when I played Warcraft 3 again on Thursday night because I reacted instinctively as soon as the game opened up. For example, I pressed "B" to open up right away pretty much as soon as the game started, then after the screen loaded, I pressed "Alt + C" to create a new account, and then my hand instinctively scrolled to the very bottom and hit accept before I could even process a thought. Afterwards I created a new account, and this was the super scary part.

So when you create a new account there's this screen you have to go through, you enter a username, and a password, and an email which I would leave blank all the time. If you left the email field blank, this prompt would pop up, and you can press enter to just make it go away, or maybe it was escape and enter, or just one of those two buttons. Anyway I don't remember what it was, but instinctively my hand would automatically be pressing it, in order to skip that screen. Then afterwards you'd be logged into the "News" section, in which case there's nothing there, what you want to do is press "C" to go to chat right away. Then you can press "alt + g" to find a custom game or "alt + q' to look for a quick match.

I did all of the above steps in like 5 seconds total. I'm not joking. The screens barely had any time to even show themselves, before I was already done with them. As soon as they popped up, I was already spamming the button to go to the next screen, instinctively. I hadn't played the game in years but knew what to do. Then I made a custom game and just wanted to try out the new 24 total players feature. I picked random as my race, and I got Human, and all my gaming intuition from the thousands of games I've played stuck with me.

I immediately, like how you see pro gamers do it, made all my characters go to the goldmine to gather gold, and I picked out one peasant to build an altar, another peasant to build a barracks, very rapidly, still knowing all the hotkeys. I was so shocked. Then I queued 2 more peasants, and after a few seconds, built a farm. I would build these in a strategic location too, from memory, in order to make the base so secure. And I was so scared I still knew all these things. I still know all of the hotkeys for every unit of every race, for every hero, for everything the game had.

That is freaking scary and frightening. I don't care about that game anymore. I don't want to have a memory of everything, but I do. what the heck. That's the part that scared me so much that I quit the game, I haven't touched it since. Oh yeah, I also played Mutating Aeon again, and that's when the illusion of how awesome that map was, broke for me. It wasn't really that great, I had great memories of it, but playing it again, I kinda thought it was boring. Who knows? I played it by myself, maybe if it was a full house game again it would've been a lot more fun.

But yeah, I have not played Warcraft 3 since I last quit it, mainly because I was terrified by how much I still remembered from back in the day. It's just super scary. I don't want to remember any of that, but I do. How is that not frightening? Especially since it feels like I have a "muscle memory" of everything.

Okay so I've decided that I'm going to play just one more game of Heroes of the Storm, and then uninstall it forever. I don't care what the result is. Last night I kept playing until I got a win, I had like 3-4 losses in a row, before quitting. Oh yeah, I played as Cho'Gall as well, but he is very weak without a healer. I played with this one guy, and we had around 10 or so total games with Cho'Gall, and we lost every game except one.

But yeah, I am totally done with that game for good. I never want to play it again. Do I even want to play it one more time? And why? Ugh. I'll think about it, but first I'm going to write about my experiences on Friday, through Sunday since I didn't write about them at all.

Alright so Friday was the day I would be having the interview. I woke up around 6-7 AM, I don't remember it that well, and I didn't keep a journal as soon as I woke up. I was playing games until around 2 AM the night before, and I was tired still. Thanks to those games, I also felt quite unmotivated to doing anything else. Games really are a freaking mess. I freaking hate playing video games so much. Making them might be fun, but playing games can be such a waste of time and can be so draining. I didn't even feel like doing anything else because all I wanted to do was play.

That one addiction that felt just like taking a drug, broke my habit of writing a journal, keeping a time log, and being productive. It just shattered it all basically just like that. Instantly. I don't like it at all. I didn't even exercise or do any kinds of other activities throughout those days. What a terrible, terrible waste of time. I hate how it completely demoralized me from doing anything else, too. This is probably why there's people that have died from playing games for too long. It doesn't even make any sense, the games aren't that exciting, but they sure are addicting.

So there goes my unrenewable resource of time. Gone just like that. In a game I don't even like playing that much. Three full days gone. Gone.

Anyway, so back to Friday. That was the day of my interview. I woke up early, and I spent the next 3 hours literally just changing clothes and trying to prepare. I was so shocked at how much time went by just trying to take a shower, change clothes, and fill out some forms. That's all I did that morning. I don't even think I ate any food. Even then, by the end, at around 9:30 AM, since the Interview would be taking place at 10 AM, I kind of panicked because it was nearing the interview time but I still wasn't fully prepared.

Anyway, I managed to get what I needed to done, and I bolted out of the door, and started sprinting to my car, to the eyes of some construction workers, and I just got into the car and drove off quickly while trying to get the GPS to work. I actually didn't need the GPS to work, because I had memorized most of the route beforehand, I just needed it for the last few turns, so I casually adjusted and put on the correct address while driving.

I got to the place, talked to the front desk attendant, and then the recruiter, and I was lead to another location for the interview. The interview was I thought it was kinda fun, actually. There were a lot of technical questions asked, and I was asked all sorts of questions from making a web application from scratch, and my experiences with related subjects such as APIs and other things. I had already built up a general repertoire of experience throughout the years so I was able to answer most of the questions, some of them I didn't know though nor did I have experience with, like ReactJS or Angular.

But yeah, I thought we had a good time in the interview. There were two people that interviewed me at once, and I got drilled with many different questions, but it was good. Afterwards I thanked the interviewers, shook their hands, and went home. On the drive home I reflected on the Interview, and I thought it overall went great. The location is also pretty close so it would be very convenient and nice to work at a place like that.

When I got home, all I wanted to do was play Heroes of the Storm so badly. The hours I spent preparing that morning, made me just feel like, once I got home and the interview was done, I wanted to just play games and eat food.

Maybe I shouldn't have installed any of the games in the first place, but this is all just an experience. I'm going to be uninstalling them today anyway and finally never look at any games ever again. I'm also going to be uninstalling Steam, making sure to never see it again. What a serious waste of time. I'm going to have to work on a lot of material if I want to catch up.

Then Saturday, and Sunday were both very non-descriptive days. I did what I said I did on those days. I just played Heroes of the Storm straight through. Well, on Saturday I did work on a web application for a few hours. Then I stopped... to play some games... but today I'm going to be uninstalling everything. Everything. And I never want to look at another game again. With that in mind, I think I will record my last game, and upload it online as the last game I ever play.

Yeah, why not? I spent more than 40+ hours the past few days playing video games, I might as well get something productive out of it.

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