Thursday, April 19th 2018

12:46 AM

Yay I submitted two essays! Woohoo! Now I am very tired and I feel like going to sleep. I'm going to sleep.

8:32 AM

Okay great, I have a full day ahead of me. I didn't quite get the head start I got yesterday, but if I'm able to grind through five hours straight, the results should be even better than yesterday.

I'm just hesitant to actually start because in the web development course I'm taking I'm supposed to just make a contact form on my own knowing what I've learned so far. This is great and all, and I know I can do it, I'm just hesitant and feeling 'lazy' to tackle. Maybe procrastination is what I feel? It's like, I know I can do it, but maybe do it later, because it's going to take a while to do, and it might be just right for my difficulty level where I would get challenged but at the same time not feel like it's too overwhelming to do....

What I started on yesterday was making a contact form for I mean, this is already in my Backlog, so I can get two things done at once... but this lure of "Nooo why do it now when you can do it later?" is strong. Very strong. I went to the kitchen to get some food first, but then I saw that the avocadoes weren't ripe yet, so I lots my appetite right away, and came back empty-handed. I was just really wanting to eat an avocado with rice and beans, that would have been perfect.

Anyway, should I procrastinate? Or should I keep on going? Obviously I know the logical answer... to just shut up and start my day working already. It's easy to think about, and easy to write about. It's harder to actually do it..... You know what? F it. I'm going to do it.

One of the other reasons I'm hesitant is because I've recently started working without any music, when I draw, when I program, when I do anything, even writing, I don't have any music on. It's become a boring stale thing I do when the only thing I concentrate on is that one thing... but then I have music playing in my head, and I really want to play some music as well.

But, that's another battle in my head... playing music... I don't need to play music, but at the same time I greedily want to, but I don't want to personally. It's just my habits talking. I'm going to try working on the contact form without any music. I don't need it to conquer this task.

So, there we go. That was a battle in my head about what I should be doing next. I'm going to work on this contact form, and then afterwards I'll eat as a reward. Okay? That should be fair. Then of course the game development course I'm looking forward to doing, because yesterday I made a stage. You can basically walk around this level and jump on ramps and things, and it's fun. I also made this coin that you can run into but not collect yet, and these objects have collision boxes.

There's two houses in the game, and two ramps, and some random cubes scattered around. I played the game well enough yesterday and tested that you can actually jump on all of the cubes and buildings and ramps and everything. You can get on top of everything in the game, some objects with more difficulty than others. So my idea was to put coins on top of every single object so the player has to jump on all objects to win. But like I said, some objects are harder to get to than others, and might require trying over and over and over again to jump on top of.... Yeah!

So, anyway. I have this interview tomorrow morning. I'm going to have to study some Java tonight to prepare myself for the interview. Then maybe buy some new shoes? Because I don't have any that I think would be appropriate for that interview. Also I'm not even sure what I would be wearing there yet. What should I wear? I remember I wore a suit to my job interview back in late 2014, but when I did the interviewing part on people, no one else actually wore any suits, it looks like they just wore business casual, sometimes straight up casual.

Anyway, I'm going to wear a suit tomorrow for the interview, because I have no idea what else to wear, and I guess it's appropriate for all kinds of interviews, I think. I don't know. I am nervous doing the interview, but from my experience as an interviewer, it's just a human talking to another human. Then afterwards, I would just think about their qualities, I would mainly assess their skills and readiness, and if they were stellar they would pass. Their likability was also important, but it was not easy to assess these things. It was hard to assess their skills just from the resume and interview alone, actual results is what mattered.

Anyway, I'm going to the bathroom for a bit.

1:17 PM

Cool, so I have an interview lined up for tomorrow. I will always feel like I could have done more to prepare. I could have studied so much more instead of playing any video games in any of the past days leading up to this moment. Am I ready? I think so. It is a web development position, so it would be great if I could put in several more hours of web page development today before the interview.

In fact, I am going to keep doing that. I'll just continue practicing web page development today until later tonight, to make sure that I'm fully prepared and that I don't regret something and feel like "oh shoot I didn't learn X!", when I still have the chance to do that now. So I will go ahead and do that now.

Oh, I also downloaded Warcraft 3 again, because I talked about it so much last night. There is this recent patch 1.29 that just came out recently, just last week, that dramatically improves the gameplay elements. For example there is now full widescreen support instead of just the 'boxed window expansion' that it had before. There's also 24 player support now, back then the total limit was just 12 players to one game/map, and now that's doubled. Also, the number of objects and other things in the game editor has been increased, so more doodads and effects can be added to the game... that is INSANE!!

I doubt there's many new things though since the patch literally just came out a week ago, but I can't wait to really see things like 12v12 Footman Wars or other things like that... is 24 players hard to get in a game? Do we still have that many people playing or no?

Also I downloaded this new game called Heroes of the Storm, which is Blizzard's response to the MOBA genre that spawned in Warcraft 3. Of course you can argue this started off in Starcraft, but no, Aeon of Strife wasn't that popular, and it was glitchy and it was barely updated. I think DoTA really started off that genre. I'm surprised they got any money at all to be honest to make the entire Dota 2 game. I don't even know where that money came from as Dota is basically a free to play game inside of Warcraft 3. Where'd they get the funding to make a full fledged independent game from that? Despite it being extremely popular, I'm still shocked it turned out to be what it did.

So now I can try out both Warcraft 3 and Heroes of the Storm after I'm done studying. That is some great motivation. I don't want to play the games forever, I just want to try them out and get that experience in. Warcraft 3 was so much fun. Those were the legendary days. Warcraft 3 was the focal point of video games at one point. It was the best, best, best, best, game ever made. People still play it today freaking 16 years later. I don't doubt that even 16 years later from today people will still be playing Warcraft 3, although I'd be in my 40s by then. Wow. Just 16 years from now, I'd be in my 40s. yeah.

16 years isn't that long. But I'd be a 40 year old, 16 years later. That's quite a lot to take in. Me as a 40 year old? Why I never... whew... that's a lot to imagine... Being 40 years old, eh? I don't... I don't want that.... Can I not sign up for it? Gosh, just 16 years. It's not even that long. And then I'm 40. Just like that. No second chances at being a 20 year old again.

And... who knows what will happen in those 16 years though? I don't know. I guess that's what happened to the band Blink 182 though, they made their song "What's my age again?" in 1999 or around there, when they were around 23-24 years old... and now it's been 18-19 years. So it just went by, just like that, all those years. I haven't even heard any more hits from them since then, I think. Just that song, "Dammit", "All the Small Things", and "Adam's Song".

I'm always shocked and surprised, there were all these big hit names in the early 2000s, in the 90s, in the 80s, etc, but where are they today? Most artists basically just create one hit, and then they're gone... That's why so many people are called "one-hit wonders" because they make just one awesome hit song, and then they're gone. It's not only for music though, but in basically every other field. I mean, like Boxing or Basketball or another sport, you're only in the spotlight for a short time, and then you're a nobody again.

It's for any and every field out there. Albert Einstein for example, had his miracle year where he accomplished a lifetime's work in one year, and then he lived on for another around 50 years afterwards. What did he do since then? He had his greatest achievements when he was 26, and then became world famous, and then he lived two more lifetimes (he was 26, and he lived around 26 years times 2, more years), but he wasn't able to match his achievements done in that first third of his life. It goes for anybody.

Same with all the big name people out there today. They basically just created one great achievement, and then they manage it, but it's really other people doing the heavier lifting now. For example, big companies, any of the tech companies today, they might have been started off in garages, but they're managed by hundreds of people now who are much more expert than the person who started the company.

So, hit songs require a great deal of luck. I think that goes with any creative task. Everything requires some aspect of luck. It's involved somehow. I mean what happened to my hit videos? I made some hit videos in 2006, and then, poof, I vanished, or it seemed like I did. It sure looked that way to my subscribers. I made a video yesterday for example, and even until now, it has 0 views. ZERO. VIEWS. That's honestly a first.

I remember the feeling back in 2006 during the peak of my popularity I guess, I'd upload a random, terrible, random video, and there were a lot of people subscribed and watching me back then. But I'd upload something stupid, and it'd get like 5000 views in a day, just like that. I felt like I could just upload whatever and people would watch it.

Now if I do the same thing, since I've been 'out of the game' for so long, I upload something, something not so stupid, something that took a bit more effort, and... zero views. Zero. Views. Anyway, I guess I am procrastinating now by continuing to write. I need to work on the contact form, that's all.

8:21 PM

Finally! I finished that contact form. Now I can do pretty much whatever I want now, although I do have two writing assignments due tonight (it shouldn't take that long to do each... maybe 10 minutes each if I'm being honest...), and I have an interview tomorrow.

Maybe I should finish up my writing assignments and the interview form before I do anything else? Yeah. That's a good idea. I'm going to first, maybe eat some food, and then come back to working on the homework assignments. I might even just take a break for an hour, I am a bit tired already.

Yeah, let me take a break for a bit. Maybe eat some food, play some games.

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