Tuesday, April 17th 2018

4:19 AM

Oh man, I wasted yesterday. I didn't do anything productive, at least, after around 2 PM. I'm glad I didn't get sick though for running out in the cold rain yesterday, I think I should feel fortunate enough just for that. Anyway, I woke up very early today so I can get a lot of work done this morning before anyone else is even awake.

Let's try it out, we'll see if I can last throughout the day being productive after waking up so early.

5:18 AM

Whew. So far it's been around an hour and I got these things done: Clean up room, upload previous day's entry, upload previous days' photos. The day is still full and ahead of me, so I'm going to keep on working through. There's so much left to do today that I have to make up for not doing anything yesterday.

I haven't brushed my teeth or showered in a while again though, so I will do that now.

5:46 AM

Alright, cool. Time to get started on the day by taking an hour of the web development course. Right now I'm learning PHP, or relearning it basically since it's been several years since I wrote any, and so far I learned about variables, if statements, for loops, and about arrays. The basic stuff. I wrote about all I learned in my notes, which I am planning on making a program that would just automatically convert these into HTML pages. For now they're not on the site, but I do take notes for practically every course I'm taking and everything I start doing.

1:17 PM

Seriously? That last time I wrote in this journal was at 5:46 AM? Holy moly. That was such a long time ago. I haven't really done that much since then, I think. So let me start off with what I did first this morning. Mainly I cleaned up my room, uploaded my entries and photos, took a shower, brushed my teeth, ate food, etc.

Then I did around an hour of PHP development, I mainly learned how to use While loops in PHP and also how to send mail. This shouldn't have taken me an hour, but I was experimenting a bit and having fun with the while loops and the sending mail function. I even went through a few different ways of iterating through arrays using a while loop, and with the mail function I was able to get mail to be sent from an email address created on the server, it's so cool.

Afterwards I did an hour of game development. I used unity and was able to create a level, just like a simple 3d plane level, and I put a main character in it, just a first person character. And you could just walk around this stage. It was all part of the standard assets pack too so I didn't really do any development or do anything difficult here. Then I added some invisible walls to the stage so the character couldn't fall off. I mean in the way I describe it, this should have taken around 5 minutes at the most, and it should have, but I guess it took me an hour.

Then I ate some food, and I had a 'break', and then I continued to study, although I felt really sleepy while studying and took a nap. To be honest, reading through these college textbooks is so freaking boring. I fell asleep because I couldn't freaking stay awake to read it. It's so freaking boring and I don't even know if I'm properly learning the material. Oh well. I basically just did some of the reading, and I did the homework assignment.

That was it so far. Now it's 1:23 PM and I have to do another hour of college courses, and then I have to draw, and then exercise. So basically I just have to do three more things and then I'm done for the day and I can do anything. Just three more things. Let's go. Time to do the next college course.

2:35 PM

Oh gosh my head hurts. I've just spent the past hour studying software engineering and it is soooooooooo freaaaaaaaaaaaking booooooooooooring. It's just a bunch of processes and steps and so on. It's this plan for project management where you're building websites for clients and you have to go through a step-by-step process in order to deliver it to them without any errors. I already use unit testing when I'm developing and that works for me, this UML and water fall modeling and freaking rapid prototyping development is giving me a headache. Why do I need to know this and why is it so freaking technical? WHY? WHY!

So there you go. I am now very tired. I'm going to take a nap I guess, and then draw, and then exercise later at night, and then I'll be done for the day. I'm going to have fun drawing just whatever I want to draw.

4:10 PM

Finally! That one hour of drawing was sure a lot more fun than both of the school course sessions I had to go through where I had to read through the very complicated text books. Why are they so complicated?

Drawing is a lot of fun, it's hard, challenging, I realize that my hands are not that steady or accurate. I mess up often. But following tutorials, I can pretty much draw anything. What's really hard is to come up with a drawing yourself. There's a lot of tedious process involved in learning how to draw, but I enjoy doing it.

5:47 PM

Geez I didn't realize it took me over an hour to update the "All Journals" page of the site. Well, to be honest, that wasn't the old thing I worked on. I also worked on changing the font for the site and I redesigned some of the color a bit, and I wrote an update. I still can't believe an hour passed though and that was the only thing I worked on. I figured if I knew exactly what to do, it would have taken just a few minutes.

The site looks a little bit better now though. I think. It has a favicon added so it looks nice and clean now. The text is more legible because it's now using a non-cursive font, except, the homepage now looks really lame and plain. There's absolutely no design at all to the site, it looks like. It's such a simplistic design. I dunno.

I'm going to see if I can also generate a Sitemap for the website. Let's see if I remember how to do this properly.

6:17 PM

Wow I got a decent amount of things done today... Should I also work on the site SEO? That's something that definitely needs improving as the site currently has no SEO right now basically. Well, there's not really anything in there that is too crazy. I mean there's just my journal entries mainly. That's the only content I provide for the most part... So there's not really much to update there.

Hmm. I could work on the "Contact" page and create a php form that allows users to send me a message by filling it out. That would be pretty cool.

Since I'm on a backlog streak, I'm going to keep on going. I'm going to now add SEO to my pages, there's just like 31 pages or so. Let's go.

6:42 PM

Wow. I did everything I wanted to do today. I thought that SEO part was going to be hard, but I went through it, and it wasn't that hard at all. I also found out from an SEO analysis website, that I have nearly 400k backlinks pointing to my site... well, pointing to expired pages on the site. There's around 398k pages pointing to my site which I guess isn't that much by today's standards, but back then (5 years ago), that was a legendary amount.

I guess I should be proud of what I had accomplished in the past, but this is the present today, and I feel so behind in everything. I've done a lot of work, but nothing to really show for it. I'm just another person.

I guess the only thing really hard left for me to do tonight would be to go outside and exercise, but it's so freaking cold, and it's starting to get dark. Sigh. This is what I get for delaying it. but I have to do this if I want to have a very productive day today. A 'very productive day' meaning that I got everything done in my task list.

So that's what I'll do, I guess. I'll take a walk outside right now so that I don't delay until it gets really dark. Then I can come back and play games or whatever, and I wouldn't feel guilty about it at all. I already got a lot done in my backlog today.

There's still the homework assignments I have due for the class tomorrow night, but even if I don't get those done, I don't think I will care that much. Anyway, guess I'll prepare now to go outside.

7:40 PM

Well I'm back. I just walked around for a while and then went back home. I didn't do much. I did really enjoy the outside scenery though and some ideas did come to mind. I'm going to write these ideas down so that I don't forget them.

There we go. These ideas mainly have to do with things I should do so I can earn an income, so yeah. Those are pretty simple ideas too, but hard to implement. For example, an idea came to mind about writing a book. I mean how hard is it to publish one? I think I would like to publish a book before I die.

I also came up with the idea of creating a 'Goals' list on the website or somewhere else, for goals that I would like to attain over my short lifetime. I say 'short' lifetime but it doesn't really matter how long I live, no matter how long I live it won't be enough. I probably won't even make it to the year 2100 even though I would love to see that year. I don't think I'd make it.

Then afterwards, when 2100 does happen, I mean, I would have already stopped mattering a while ago. Albert Einstein for example was born in 1879, so he got to see the turn of the 20th century. During his time, he probably thought 'oh wow, this is the latest of the latest. We have these mechanical and engine technologies, we have the best technology around and I can't imagine what digital phones or the Internet are' not those exact words, but basically that idea. He couldn't have imagined what a laptop would be or video games or anything like that, these things would have been mind blowing to him.

If I don't live to see 2100, I probably won't even see those kinds of technologies emerging either. It kind of sucks and it's kind of sad, well, not... not really. Oh well. I mean, if you are reading this, you are a mortal. Welcome to the world. We'll both depart at some point. It doesn't matter if somehow in the future they find a way to make people live to 200, it's still at some point people die. Living to 200 might actually suck, because then, people would be way too dependent on technology and would infinitely fear death even more so than I do.

I have already accepted death as something that happens to all of us. When it happens, we're no longer here. But I've learned to tackle it with curiosity. I mean, death... death I think, will pretty much be painless, no matter how much suffering one goes through in the process. Once death occurs, then all the suffering and the pain and the energy and everything, goes. Everything goes.

We come and go. Each one of us an individual, each one of us unique. Here for a brief moment, and then gone the next. Even those that lived to be 100+ years old, to them, life still seemed too short. Despite our advances, and in the future the people today will probably be looked upon as primitive people, we still haven't beaten death, I don't think we ever will. Everyone has tried. Everyone, and every creature, has tried to beat death. No one, no thing, no creature, no object, no god, no being, has ever beaten death, it is the unbeatable.

I enjoyed today though. I got everything in my task list done today. That's the first time in forever. I'm glad. I'm excited. Time for me to eat some food and chill out for a little bit. Then I might play some games, as I have already completed what I had to do today. Sure I can continue to work, and maybe that is the smart thing to do, but.... Man. I really think I should work again, but at the same time, I feel deprived in a way that I feel like only my bad habits can cure.

Tasks Today
Clean Up Room
Upload Previous Day's Entry
Web Development for an hour
Game Development for an hour
Communications and Networking course for an hour
Software Engineering course for an hour
Draw for an hour
Upload Previous Day's Photos
Upload Today's Photos

Fix or Remove Archive Link
Fix or Remove About Link
Fix or Remove Contact Link
Instagram Photo Downloader
Notes Uploader
Clean Up YouTube Channel
"How to make HTML Buttons do something with javascript" video
"Quick Life and Death of Albert Einstein" video
"Aging" video
Automate website uploading
Automate journal entry converting and adding to website
Buy Cellphone for Landline Number
Unity Game Development Course
Web Development Course
Software Engineering Course
Computer Networking Course
Plan for the Year / Month / Week
Move "All Journals" to fit under website theme
Create Sitemap for Site
Improve Site SEO
Add Markdown for all github projects
Update Favicon

Steps Taken: 4215
Lines of Code: 50
Calories Consumed: 2500
Journal Words: 2225
Drawings: 3

Time Log

12:00 AM – Sleep – 4:12 AM

4:12 AM – Setting Up Today – 4:19 AM

4:19 AM – Writing Journal – 4:21 PM

4:21 PM – Cleaning Up Room – 4:24 AM

4:24 AM – Uploading Previous Day's Entry – 4:33 AM

4:33 AM – Uploading Previous Days' Photos – 5:18 AM

5:18 AM – Writing Journal – 5:20 AM

5:20 AM – Brushing Teeth and Flossing – 5:25 AM

5:25 AM – Taking a Shower – 5:46 AM

5:46 AM – Writing Journal – 5:49 AM

5:49 AM – Web Development Course – 6:07 AM

6:07 AM – Bathroom – 6:13 AM

6:13 AM – Web Development Course – 6:43 AM

6:43 AM – Nap – 7:23 AM

7:23 AM – Making Bed – 7:27 AM

7:27 AM – Web Development Course – 8:04 AM

8:04 AM – Game Development Course – 9:08 AM

9:08 AM – Preparing Food – 9:20 AM

9:20 AM – Eating Food – 9:38 AM

9:38 AM – Break – 10:38 AM

10:38 AM – Watching Videos – 11:25 AM

11:25 AM – Communications and Networking – 11:50 AM

11:50 AM – Nap – 12:08 PM

12:08 PM – Communications and Networking – 1:17 PM

1:17 PM – Writing Journal – 1:24 PM

1:24 PM – Software Engineering – 1:29 PM

1:29 PM – Communications and Networking – 1:34 PM

1:34 PM – Software Engineering – 2:35 PM

2:35 PM – Writing Journal -2:37 PM

2:37 PM – Nap – 3:02 PM

3:02 PM – Preparing to Exercise - 3:05 PM

3:05 PM – Bathroom – 3:10 PM

3:10 PM – Drawing – 4:10 PM

4:10 PM – Writing Journal – 4:12 PM

4:12 PM – Playing Games – 4:14 PM

4:14 PM – Updating Favicon – 4:39 PM

4:39 PM – Moving "All Journals" page to fit under current theme – 5:47 PM

5:47 PM – Writing Journal – 5:52 PM

5:52 PM – Generating Site Sitemap – 6:06 PM

6:06 PM – Adding Markdown for github projects – 6:17 PM

6:17 PM – Writing Journal – 6:20 PM

6:20 PM – Adding SEO to Website – 6:42 PM

6:42 PM – Writing Journal – 6:48 PM

6:48 PM – Preparing to Exercise – 6:53 PM

6:53 PM – Exercising – 7:40 PM

7:40 PM – Writing Journal – 7:52 PM

7:52 PM – Eating Food – 8:12 PM

8:12 PM – Playing Games – 11:00 PM

11:00 PM – Sleep – 11:59 PM

Productive Hours (10:39)
Setting Up Today (0:07)
Writing Journal (0:44)
Cleaning Up Room (0:03)
Uploading Previous Day's Entry (0:09)
Uploading Previous Days' Photos (0:45)
Web Development Course (1:25)
Game Development Course (1:04)
Communications and Networking (1:39)
Software Engineering (1:06)
Drawing (1:00)
Updating Favicon (0:25)
Moving "All Journals" Page (1:08)
Generating Site Sitemap (0:14)
Adding Markdown for Github Projects (0:11)
Adding SEO to Website (0:22)
Exercising (0:47)

Neutral Hours (9:08)
Sleep (5:11)
Brushing Teeth and Flossing (0:05)
Taking a Shower (0:21)
Bathroom (0:11)
Nap (0:40)
Making Bed (0:04)
Preparing Food (0:12)
Eating Food (0:38)
Break (1:00)
Nap (0:43)
Preparing to Exercise (0:08)

Unproductive Hours (3:37)
Watching Videos (0:47)
Playing Games (2:50)

Megg's Horses
Math: 0
Art: 8
Python: 5
Web Development: 104
Java: 0
JavaScript: 1
PHP: 2
Programming: 6
Exercise: 19
Game Development: 3