Monday, April 16th 2018

12:38 PM

I just spent an hour looking for jobs and gigs related to web page development. Now I can either go out for a run, or do two hours of homework.... I think I'll go out for a run first and then I'll work on my homework once I come back.

After my two hours of homework, the only thing I have left to do is to draw for an hour, and then I'll basically be done for the day. Then I can work on anything else I want to work on, or I can just not work on anything else, because I'd have completed everything in my task list. It really is better to wake up early, because you can get so much more work done in the morning, and by the time you're feeling midday, it is midday.

1:51 PM

Whew. I'm tired. I came back home after a run, running I think for the majority of the time I was outside, at least greater than 50%. It was cold and freezing when I stepped outside, I could feel it in my legs and my body as the window pierced through my clothes. I could've gone back in and put in something heavier, but decided not to thinking that my running would generate enough heat for me where I wouldn't be able to feel the cold anymore.

For the most part I was right, because I hadn't even started running yet, when I already felt used to the cold and it no longer affected me, after just a few minutes of walking outside. I started running maybe 10-15 minutes after walking and I ran for probably 10 minutes before walking again. I then just switched between jogging and walking, mainly jogging, for the next 20 or so minutes. Around halfway through my run, it started to rain hard, and it was already cold outside, but the wind started to blow harder, I could feel how cold it was again despite running and sweating.

Oh no, I thought. I was going to get sick if I didn't get home soon. So I picked up the pace and just ran all the way back home. I was so very tired and sweaty, but I just kept pushing myself to run no matter what. Eventually I got back home, and here I am now. My hands were so cold initially when I first got here that I had a very hard time typing.

I kind of thought about a few things during my walk outside. First that the world is basically the same as it was just 300 years ago. The only thing that has improved really is our technology, and digital technology and screens is probably the coolest and most revolutionary invention since then, if you just compare what kind of technology people could never have even imagined 300 years ago. People could probably imagine rockets into space, like basically just a giant bullet shot from the ground into space, I think people could have imagined that 300 years ago, or cars as well, basically a wagon that could move itself, or airplanes, well maybe not airplanes.

But just thinking about what they could never have imagined in a thousand years; digital technology. Not really just the software, but the hardware that also makes it function, because you need both. They could have never imagined a television monitor ever existing or even a digital camera able to capture photos and record videos in their wildest imaginations. Is there even any technology we can't imagine today, existing in the future?

Maybe something that can allow you to read minds or communicate with one another through telekinesis technology or be able to learn information and skills that way as well? But that doesn't work since I can imagine. I'm talking about technology no one in our present generation has even conceived of yet. Is such a thing even possible? It most likely is, but I can't conceive of it. I wouldn't have any faintest idea what it was, or how it can be done, just like how people could not even imagine cell phones existing back then.

The iPhone was so revolutionary. I mean, this digital device that you could hold in your hand, and the screen itself was the device you interacted with... I mean today we take that for granted, but even just 10 years ago, and I remember this, it was so new and groundbreaking. It was something no one had ever done before or had heard of before, and it was the latest gadget and craze going around. Nowadays the original iPhone looks lame, old, outdated, but it's still functional, it still works amazingly even today.

So the iPhone, having something like the iPhone and bringing it to 300 years ago... that would simply blow the minds of anyone who saw it back then. First of all it was hard to conceive of, it's nearly science fiction even 10 years ago. Movies and such were being made 10 years ago, but they didn't even have smartphones. It's so shocking how much that has changed today, how movies of yesteryear didn't have anybody using smart devices, and nowadays it's in every movie.

I remember watching Tron Legacy in movie theaters back in 2010. Holy crap, 8 years ago... I remember that was the latest movie at the time and it was this cool sci-fi hacker like movie, and I thought wow, a few years from now is going to be sooo different. But it was practically the same. There hasn't been much change I would say, since 2010. 2018 is basically 2010 realized. All the stuff that people are raving about now, had already been out in 2010, like laptops and smartphones, and so on, just not many people had them back then.

Anyway, I came back home from a run. I'm going to take a break by playing a game... I don't want this to take over my day, so this will be an experiment to whether or not it does. If this takes over, then I'll make a rule that I will never do anything unproductive before getting everything in the task list done first.

6:19 PM

That was fun. I played MapleStory again and played a few different classes. It's so different today from what it was over 10 years ago. I remember playing that game as a kid in middle school and it was so much fun, but there was a lot of grinding. In order to get to level 30 for example, you had to play for at least a week or two to get that high, maybe even a month. All I know is that I played for like 4 months and the highest level I got to was 44 or something like that. It was a really hard game to play back then. It was also really hard to get money back then.

Now you just play for a few minutes, and you get level 10 nearly instantly. I was so shocked that I got to level 2 by killing 1 creature, and then I got to level 3 by killing another creature. There used to be this island called "beginner island" and it took like 2-3 hours to get to level 10 to be able to get out of that place. Now you just kill one thing and you level up, that's crazy. Although at later levels it starts to slow down considerably.

It also feels like the people who made the game want people to keep playing because they keep giving away freebies. There's so many freebies and 'starter' packs now, like I received 200 mana potions on each of my characters for not really doing anything. Back then you had to buy these mana potions, and like I said the gold or money in that game was hard to get. In like the 1-2 hours I spent playing one of the characters to level 35 or so, I received more than 150k of the money in the game. So it's really easy to get money there.

I remember my parents buying NX cards in Target back in the day and I would just use them to buy up Gachapon items, and I wouldn't know what these items were worth, so I probably sold them for really cheap prices. I do remember my store in the game being sold out nearly instantly often, and it's probably because I put the items up for way cheaper than they're worth, so the players would use the 'item finder' item to find who's store had what item and for what price, and they'd see I'd have X item at cheap price and they'd buy it.

So yeah that was my experience with playing games today. I'm going to eat some food, and I might go back to playing again.

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