Sunday, April 15th 2018

7:17 AM

Well I remember thinking that at the beginning of the month it was going to take a while for the 15th to arrive, and now here it is. That was way too quick. I can't believe it. Last night I also read a very interesting sentence, that it's closer to 2030 than it is to 2005. No way, right? Unbelievable.

So anyway, today is the day I want to start up my "Plan for the Year" and month, and day. I realized I never really set up a plan like that, so what's the point of me planning daily, if I don't have an overall goal or thing that I want to attain by a certain time? Anyway, I'm going to clean my room and upload yesterday's entry before starting to work on the plan.

8:18 AM

Okay, according to my planning, if I just do an hour a day of the web page development course, I should be done within the month. If I do an hour a day of the Unity game development course, I should be done by the 20th. And then I have an hour of the drawing course which will be halfway done at the end of the month, and if I do two hours of my university courses per day, that would be done by the end of next month.

That's just five hours a day and I should be able to get a lot done, according to this plan... Of course that doesn't include the time I have to do the exercises or assignments, which can take another extra hour two. But doing one hour of these courses per day should suffice to learning a good amount of them by the end of the month. That kind of planning wasn't so bad. Of course I don't have a plan for next month or any other months, just this month.

I would have to go back to the drawing boards in order to plan out the remainder of the year, but so far I don't know what to fully do yet. I'm still busy focusing on this month and in particular, this day.

So since it's still the morning, I have a good amount of time now to be able to do the five hours of courses today. I'll go ahead and start now, even though it will be boring and painful to go through, I have to go through this.

Tasks Today
Clean Up Room
Upload Previous Day's Entry
Web Development for an hour
Game Development for an hour
Communications and Networking course for an hour
Software Engineering course for an hour Draw for an hour
Upload Previous Day's Photos

Fix or Remove Archive Link
Fix or Remove About Link
Fix or Remove Contact Link
Instagram Photo Downloader
Notes Uploader
Clean Up YouTube Channel
"How to make HTML Buttons do something with javascript" video
"Quick Life and Death of Albert Einstein" video
"Aging" video
Automate website uploading
Automate journal entry converting and adding to website
Buy Cellphone for Landline Number
Unity Game Development Course
Web Development Course
Software Engineering Course
Computer Networking Course
Plan for the Year / Month / Week
Move "All Journals" to fit under website theme
Create Sitemap for Site
Improve Site SEO

Steps Taken: 50
Lines of Code: 50
Calories Consumed: 2200
Journal Words: 781
Drawings: 0

Time Log

12:00 AM – Procrastinating – 12:45 AM

12:45 AM – Sleep – 7:05 AM

7:05 AM – Setting Up Today – 7:17 AM

7:17 AM – Writing Journal – 7:21 AM

7:21 AM – Cleaning Up Room – 7:26 AM

7:26 AM – Uploading Previous Day's Entry – 7:38 AM

7:38 AM – Planning – 8:18 AM

8:18 AM – Writing Journal – 8:23 AM

8:23 AM – Web Development Course – 8:45 AM

8:45 AM – Preparing Food – 8:48 AM

8:48 AM – Eating Food – 9:00 AM

9:00 AM – Preparing Food – 9:05 AM

9:05 AM – Eating Food – 9:25 AM

9:25 AM – Distraction – 9:35 AM

9:35 AM – Web Development Course – 11:48 AM

11:48 AM – Installing Flask – 1:22 PM

1:22 PM – Break – 1:25 PM

1:25 PM – Installing Flask – 1:50 PM

1:50 PM – Preparing Food – 1:54 PM

1:54 PM – Break – 2:02 PM

2:02 PM – Preparing Food – 2:06 PM

2:06 PM – Eating Food – 2:19 PM

2:19 PM – Break – 3:19 PM

3:19 PM – Wasting Time – 11:59 PM

Productive Hours (5:52)
Setting Up Today (0:12)
Writing Journal (0:09)
Cleaning Up Room (0:05)
Uploading Previous Day's Entry (0:12)
Planning (0:40)
Web Page Development Course (2:35)
Installing Flask (1:59)

Neutral Hours (8:12)
Sleep (6:20)
Preparing Food (0:16)
Eating Food (0:45)
Break (1:11)

Unproductive Hours (9:35)
Procrastinating (0:45)
Distraction (0:10)
Wasting Time (8:40)

Megg's Horses
Math: 0
Art: 7
Python: 5
Web Development: 101
Java: 0
Programming: 4
Exercise: 18