Friday, April 13th 2018

12:02 AM

OoOoOo it's Friday the Thirteenth! Spooooky! Just kidding. It literally doesn't mean anything. It's just a human construct that 'today' (which is another human construct), is a spooky day. 'Spooky' even, is just another human construct as well. If we used another kind of calendar where we didn't have the day "Friday", for example if the standard calendar was instead a 3 day per week calendar which it could have ended up being if history allowed it so, and the days were "Yoday", "Myday", "Yaday", then "Friday" the thirteenth wouldn't even exist.

Also, if we were born in a different culture that didn't even have this stigma against Friday the 13th, we wouldn't even know of its significance that it was the title of a horror movie where people died. It would've just been some random other day. Or if we were born into a culture that didn't even have a concept of days, then there would be no such thing.

So there we go, any kind of superstition can be dispelled. I'm really freaking sleepy now. I'm going to 'take a break' and possibly sleep.

12:10 PM

Well I had a call with the recruiter this morning and I think it went rather well.

12:31 PM

I just randomly browsed the Q&A website again, my answers and questions that I thought went 'viral' yesterday (they just had a few hundred views, not even a thousand, but it was still exciting), have now gone to obscurity. They're not getting any more views or responses or anything like that. I guess your question or answer is only active for that brief moment of time, and then it fades to the question archives. Fair enough.

I was reading about people's experiences and so on being 60+ and older. I cannot believe the variety of answers available. A very few amount of people were still thriving, but a majority of them were facing surprise and awe at how different life is today for them. Some of them wanted to keep on going, to keep on hiking, or skiing, or doing other mild physical activities, but due to broken bones from osteoporosis or getting a cold whenever they go outside, they had to give them up. Sometimes even doing a household activity like crocheting would bring their hands pain.

Some even complained about vision, which from their description isn't so bad. My vision is probably worse than theirs, as sad as it is. Like one person described no longer being able to drive at night or having to use reading glasses to read... wow. That's nothing at all. Why not just get normal glasses or contacts that allow them to see better? I'm serious, I don't think these elderly have even considered it. I can't even see anything without my glasses or contacts except for wide blurry vague colors and shapes, so I don't even think reading glasses can help me, and I can't drive at night either because literally everything is pitch black as my eyes don't absorb enough light to allow me to see anything.

In the mornings though I can drive just fine without any glasses or contacts, this is purely from experience. I would have a very difficult time driving in a very new location I'd never been to before, and I wouldn't be able to read any signs at all unless I parked right next to the sign, got out of the car, and literally put my eyes at least a foot away. Even a large freaking sign, I can't read out in front of me. The letters look weird. A stop sign is pretty much all red except for white stuff in the middle, unless I get very very close, literally standing right in front of it, and even then it might still be hard to read.

How do I know this? Because I go outside walking all the time. I've done most of my walking so far without any glasses or contacts, since I just carry my glasses in my pocket, and yeah I can barely see anything. Even standing in front of a stop sign, I have a hard time reading "Stop", even if I know it's supposed to be right there.

Anyway, fitness is the one factor in the elderly differing those who are now still strong to those who are now weak. I mean some of them they couldn't really do anything about it, even if they were very active and very healthy, they still ran into health problems and had to give up some if not all of their past activities. So it's not foolproof, it's not a guarantee, but it's still better than not being fit or healthy.

Looking at all the supercentenarians above 110 though, just looking at images of them, they're all so wrinkled and old and fragile and small. Like their body has decreased in mass, and they're not even able to walk anymore, or most of them. It's so surprising. Anyway, I'm considering walking outside today right now. Maybe, maybe not. It's really sunny outside.

I guess I can go for a jog.

1:30 PM

It is hot outside, the sun is just blazing. It's way too bright and strong out right now for me to walk around without any sunscreen. For some reason I was able to walk in this kind of sun just fine during this same time. Now though, it feels so hot outside. It's not even that hot yet, but it was just uncomfortable to walk in. Also, I may have exaggerated about not being able to see the word "Stop" while standing in front of a stop sign without any glasses or contacts. Sure it's hard to see, but I think I would still be able to see it.

Anyway, time to work on the website again. I can work on the responsiveness of it.

4:58 PM

I'm going to work on writing a video script and make a video from it. I have this drawing tablet that I can use here and even though I don't know how to draw basically anything, I can at least try to draw something. I'll make my script really short... long enough for just a one hour video. So what I'll do is I'll write the script, draw up some scenes for it, and then record my voice, and then compile everything into a video.

I've been seeing a lot of other people doing just that, and it seems not that difficult. Really. I don't think it's hard at all, and it doesn't look hard at all. Most people that do it too don't even look like they're masters at drawing either. So that's why I'll give it a shot. Let's see how well I do.

7:13 PM

I've been drawing in a rushed and bad way for what feels like forever and so far I have only gotten two paragraphs of the script done. There's 7 paragraphs total that I wrote but the animation / drawing footage video that I'm making for the script, is taking forever. I mean these aren't even good drawings. The stylus is hard to hold, and the people who can draw, they make this look like it's easy. It's not easy.

Anyway, I'm going to work on the actual video now, and start working on compiling the audio and the footage together to see what I can make. I mean I think the ending video is going to end up looking like crap, but let's see what happens.

8:04 PM

The video does not look bad at all. It looks really nice actually and I'm looking forward to the finished product. Each individual drawing I made kind of sucks, and my voiceover kinda sucks, but combine them together and somehow it's not so bad. I really like how it's turning up. It looks sort of 'artistic' despite my crappy drawings.

But yeah, what am I going to do now? I'm going to watch some videos for a while I guess, and take a break. I have no idea how animators can make such clear looking pictures and such... well they probably spend like 1 hour or so per frame, which is how they make it look so well. That makes sense. Anyway, I'm going to just watch some videos because I am feeling a little bit tired despite me barely working at all today. Maybe it's because I only got 3 hours of sleep last night?

10:24 PM

I finally finished all the drawings I think. I may need to readjust some of them again, but I can do that tomorrow. For now I might just go to sleep or take a break and watch a video or two. It's so freaking hot in my room right now, and my lungs are still sore from the fucking cigarette smoke I inhaled yesterday during/after I sprinted. There were several occasions during my walk and run yesterday in which I wound inhale cigarette smoke as I passed by people's homes, it was so freaking annoying, I would inhale it both while running, and after.

During the last few blocks I sprinted full speed, which meant at the very end I came panting and gasping extremely hard. That was when I breathed in a shite ton of cigarette smoke. I was so freaking annoyed at whoever was doing it, but obviously I couldn't know because of the darkness and just how many homes there were around me.

Anyway I'm really tired. I might really just go to sleep and forego watching videos altogether. It's so freaking hot in here I'm almost sweating.

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Clean Up Room
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Draw (1 Hour)
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Work on Art Section of Portfolio Page
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8:07 PM – Napping – 8:29 PM

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9:24 PM – Napping – 9:37 PM

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