Saturday, March 31st 2018

8:05 AM

Yesterday was a complete failure. Not only was I distracted throughout the entire day, I also didn't write anything in my journal yesterday. There are around two weeks of journal entries I'm also missing from back in February that I still haven't gotten to yet, they're always in the backlog of my mind. I have to get those done eventually...

Anyway, what's new today is I created this new thing called "Scorecard". I replaced my "Waiting Hours", placing all of my Waiting Hours tasks into the backlog instead, and made this new thing called the Scorecard where I will track my days better. I wanted to do this concept as well along with the Horses concept, but I just never got around to it.

So today will hopefully be much better than yesterday. Today I'm tracking a lot of things I wasn't before, and I want to see if I can improve on those things every day. We'll see how it goes.

11:19 AM

Oh my gosh. It is so hard. I have been at this for around an hour and I've written just 13 lines. I was working on another "New" design that I started on last night, because I thought maybe my current design was too simple and it wasn't going to be a great portfolio site. So then I started on this new design that was going to be a lot more colorful, and wow. I got stuck. I mean I had this design idea in my mind, but it wasn't looking that great on second inspection, who knows?

Anyway, I kept comparing what I had for the second design, and compared it to my first design, and I loved my first one a lot more. Like, it was such a clean looking and simple design. It looked very plain, but also sophisticated because of its plainness. I don't need a super hard design right now, I just need any design at all. My site needs a completely new look. It needs it.

So I'm going to go back and continue working on my current design, the one I started on a few days ago, because it is so nice and clean. However, there's also some things I have to clean up, and its these things that make it really quite a hassle to work on a website. There's so much lines of code that it can get confusing to change one thing and another. Oh my gosh, oh my gosh. So confusing.

5:28 PM

Wowee it's been a while since I last used a mouse. This feels so weird and so fast at the same time. This is a lot faster than the trackpoint device I have been using and it is so much more accurate. However it does feel weird again, and this will take some time to get used to. I might use two screens again like I was doing before.

I remember at one point years ago it was rare to find a person using two screens. Now they're everywhere. This was the same with laptops, back then laptops were incredibly rare, in 2008 barely anyone I knew had one. Now it seems like everyone has a laptop, and more than one screen. I have been using one screen this entire time, but I do have a second screen available I just haven't been using, in the same way that I had a mouse in my room the entire time that I haven't been using.

So in 2016 one of my cousins gifted me this game called Stardew Valley, the year before that he gifted me this game called Undertale. These two games are remarkable in that they were made by just one person. Last year he gifted me Finding Paradise which I think is another game made by just one person.

Well I knew they were made by one person for a while, however, what I didn't know was how tiring and how much work was put into these games. Apparently the creator of Stardew Valley put in 70 hour work weeks for 4 years straight. He worked 10 hours a day per game. Holy. Crap. I spend around 5 hours a day working on web development, and for me that is tough as nails to do. He does 10 hours.

Of course it's probably not 10 hours, since he doesn't meticulously track his time like I do. I track time to the minute, so I know what I'm doing most of the time on most days. He's just roughly estimating he spends 10 hours a day, but I believe it. I want to do that too. Can I put in 10 hours doing something? I have never done that in my life, I think. I think I did 9 hours of web development once, and that was a record. He says nowadays he spends 15 hours working on his games, because he has had millions of downloads and gets bug reports and issues often.

Changing like 5 lines in Python takes me maybe an hour... I'm not even exaggerating. Even doing a simple change to my Journal to HTML program, like this morning I made it start article entries with "<article>" instead of "<div>" to be more HTML5 compliant, and to do that I had to change this thing and that thing and this thing, whew. I mean it's not like my program is at all complicated either, it's not, but it still took me ages just to make this one change.

So maybe I should have more than one screen? Maybe. I don't know if it will confer to any benefit. Yeah I would be able to see more at once, but so what? That just leaves more space for distraction too. Well I'll try it out and see if my productivity increases.

5:46 PM

Wow that is so much more space than before! Holy moly! Amazing!

Anyway everyone is mortal. Whew. I still can't believe I'm going to die someday. What the hell was the point of even existing?

Anyway I'm going to practice my drawing a bit more.

10:08 PM

I think this second monitor is causing more distractions than anything. In the past 5 hours I haven't accomplished anything new, nor have I done anything new. What a waste of time. Absolute waste.

10:26 PM

I really don't like wasting time. I am several days behind on my photo log entries. Lame. I also can't upload my journal entries until the website is done.

I have cried several times today.

11:05 PM

Hmm. Yeah. I just don't feel like doing anything right now. I can't bring myself to do anything. I think I'm going to just read or something and then go to sleep early.

Tomorrow is another day. I'm actually going to spend some time setting up tomorrow already. Tomorrow's main focus is my finals for class. I need to make sure I fully understand all the material in class before starting the test.

11:18 PM

Woohoo. I have created tomorrow's tasks and journal entry. I'm several days behind on my IG photos again. Yikes. I always say "I'll do it tomorrow' which is how this has happened. What do I do now? I feel tired and sleepy.

Also I wrote about how I would stop looking at porn a few days back, maybe it was already a week ago? Anyway I'd be lying if I said I stopped. It was temporary as I started back on maybe the next day or two and have been doing it since then, daily. Lame right? I hate myself for it.

I'm not sure why I'm so tired right now, but I am. I am feeling tired and down. I'm going to study some homework before going to sleep. It's the least I can do.

Tasks Today
Web Development (5 Hours)
Study Homework (2 Hours)

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Weight Loss Book
Clean up YouTube channel
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Instagram Photo Downloader
February Journal Entries

Steps Taken: 0
Lines of Code: +69 -0
Calories Consumed: 2300+
Journal Words: 1312
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Time Log

12:00 AM – Wasting Time – 1:30 AM

1:30 AM – Sleep – 7:00 AM

7:00 AM – Distraction 7:45 AM

7:45 AM – Setting Up Today – 8:05 AM

8:05 AM – Writing Journal – 8:10 AM

8:10 AM – Web Development – 8:23 AM

8:23 AM – Journal to HTML Converter – 10:09 AM

10:09 AM – Web Development – 11:19 AM

11:19 AM – Writing Journal – 11:23 AM

11:23 AM – Preparing Food – 11:28 AM

11:28 AM – Web Development – 11:35 AM

11:35 AM – Preparing Food – 11:40 AM

11:40 AM – Eating Food – 11:53 AM

11:53 AM – Brushing Teeth – 11:59 AM

11:59 AM – Watching Videos – 12:32 PM

12:32 PM – Preparing Food – 12:42 PM

12:42 PM – Eating Food – 12:46 PM

12:46 PM – Watching Videos – 1:10 PM

1:10 PM – Preparing Food – 1:15 PM

1:15 PM – Eating Food – 1:25 PM

1:25 PM – Preparing Food – 1:28 PM

1:28 PM – Eating Food – 1:48 PM

1:48 PM – Drawing – 2:48 PM

2:48 PM – Sleep – 4:28 PM

4:28 PM – Break – 5:28 PM

5:28 PM – Writing Journal – 5:42 PM

5:42 PM – Organizing – 4:46 PM

5:46 PM – Writing Journal – 5:52 PM

5:52 PM – Drawing – 6:40 PM

6:40 PM – Break – 7:07 PM

7:07 PM – Wasting Time – 7:54 PM

7:54 PM – Art – 8:44 PM

8:44 PM – Wasting Time – 10:08 PM

10:08 PM – Writing Journal – 10:09 PM

10:09 PM – Wasting Time – 10:26 PM

10:26 PM – Writing Journal – 10:28 PM

10:28 PM – Wasting Time – 11:05 PM

11:05 PM – Writing Journal – 11:07 PM

11:07 PM – Setting Up Tomorrow – 11:18 PM

11:18 PM – Writing Journal – 11:24 PM

11:24 PM – Studying – 11:59 PM

Productive Hours (5:59)
Setting Up Today (0:20)
Writing Journal (0:28)
Web Development (1:40)
Journal to HTML Converter (1:14)
Drawing (1:48)
Organizing (0:04)
Art (0:50)
Setting Up Tomorrow (0:11)
Studying (0:35)

Neutral Hours (8:38)
Sleep (5:50)
Preparing Food (0:25)
Eating Food (0:50)
Brushing Teeth (0:06)
Nap (2:00)
Break (1:27)

Unproductive Hours (5:52)
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Watching Videos (1:17)

Megg's Horses
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